4-Leaf Clover St. Patricks Day Tutorial

This project is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.  There is actually a month between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter this year, so it gives up more time to enjoy our green decor!   There are 2 options with this theme and I am walking you through both of them step by step.

Supply List:

-I used a 2″ brush to paint the base coat, 1″ brush for my stripes, and a 3/4″ brush for the black blocks on the Buffalo Plaid, painters tape for the stripes, sealer, E6000 glue,  small fan, and of course my paint!

Step 1

Buffalo Check 4-Leaf Clover:  Start by painting your 4-Leaf clover green (B47 Front Lawn).  I start on the sides and then lay it down and paint the front.  It will need 2 thin coats.  Don’t get too thick here, The paint is much smoother with thinner coats!

Striped 4-Leaf Clover:  Start by painting the white bead board piece black (B47 Lamp Post).  I did not paint the sides since this was already dark.  You will need to do 2 coats to cover the white.


Step 2:

While these pieces are drying, this is a good time to paint the Initial or the word Lucky that will go on top.  These will need 2 coats as well, and again, I always start with painting the sides so I can hold onto it and then lay it down to paint the top.  We are using the white paint here (B47 Subway Tile)


Step 3:

Striped 4-Leaf Clover: While your letters and headboard continue to dry, paint the smaller 4 leaf clover with the green (B47 Front Lawn).  Again paint the sides first and give this 2 coats.

Buffalo Check 4-Leaf Clover: You need to make sure your 4-Leaf clover is completely dry before you start taping it off.  You don’t want that green paint to peel up when you take the tape off!!  I am using a 2″ tape here, but any size will do.  Start by taping the middle first then just eyeball it from there!  I did the horizontal stripes first.  Then I used the darker gray (B47 Tarnished Silver) to paint those stripes.


***What I didn’t do here that I wished I would have was dry brush the lighter gray on top of the dark gray BEFORE you pull off the tape.  I pulled the tape first and did this last.

Step 4:

Striped 4-Leaf Clover: On the Beadboard 4-leaf Clover, it’s time to add in your white stripes.  Just pick every other slat and paint white.  I do run my brush over the grooves in between but don’t cover the whole groove, just so there is a good transition between black and white.  I also don’t cover all the black here, you want to leave a little to make it look distressed.  The stripes will need 2 coats.

Buffalo Check 4-Leaf Clover: Let the horizontal stripes dry first and then tape off the Vertical Stripes.  You will paint these with the lighter gray (B47 Metal Roof).  Remember to dry brush these with the darker gray BEFORE you pull the paint off here too!!

Step 5:

For both options it’s time to dry brush the letters or words with a little black (B47 Lamp Post)  I also added it around the smaller 4-leaf clover on the Striped option only, I did not add it to the Buffalo Plaid.


Step 6:

Buffalo Check 4-Leaf Clover: Add in the black squares.  You will need to paint these in.  I don’t want you to FREAK OUT, because you can totally do this.  Use the lines on the sides where you painted each of the stripes as your guide.  They will NOT be perfect, mine certainly aren’t!!  you want to paint the black squares where the 2 gray lines overlap each other.


Step 7:

Putting it all together!  Now it’s time to glue your pieces on.  I use E6000.  Let it dry for a few hours before you proudly display your door hanger.  Add the twine to the top holes and the bow will tie into one of the loops you use to hang it!

Don’t forget to post your finished pictures inside the FB Group!  I can’t wait to see!!