DIY Shelf Sitter Seasonal Attachment Board

DIY Shelf Sitter with Candy Corn

Our welcome boards and attachments are SO popular, we decided to create a new option for inside your home! This DIY shelf sitter is perfect for all the same attachments.  This way you can swap them from your welcome board attachments with the ones on your shelf sitter anytime.

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DIY Shelf Sitter Seasonal Attachment Board
Supply List

This is a 12×12 shelf sitter attachment board, with a keyhole and stand on the back, and I have all the steps for you to create your own below.

DIY Shelf Sitter Supplies

Step 1: Paint White Base Coat

Paint the top and sides of the board with Bungalow 47 paint in Subway Tile.  Make sure you are painting the correct side making sure the keyhole on the back.

Give this 2 coats and let them dry completely.  I like to paint these 2 coats in the opposite direction (first coat – horizontal brush strokes, second coat – vertical brushstrokes.)

DIY Shelf Sitter tutorial
DIY Shelf Sitter painting white

Step 2: Create Stripes With Painters Tape

Once the white paint is completely dry tape off the stripes.  I am using a 2″ painters tape, but you can use any size you would like.  You could also use your favorite stencil for this instead of stripes.

One thing I wish I would have done differently was to start the tape in the middle and work my way out so the stripes would have been centered.

DIY Shelf Sitter tutorial
DIY Shelf Sitter tutorial

Step 3: Paint Black Stripes

Step 3:  Once you have the tape down really well, give it 2 coats of black paint.  I’m using Bungalow 47 paint in the color Lamp Post.  Make sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat.

DIY Shelf Sitter painting stripes

Step 4: Remove Tape

Pull your painters tape up.  I like to pull it while it’s wet, this helps prevent pulling off the paint.  Let it dry for at least an hour.

DIY Shelf Sitter tutorial

Step 5: Apply A Clear Coat

Once the black paint is completely dry.  Seal it with Minwax Polycrylic.  I used 2 coats of this as well.  I let polycrylic dry overnight before I added the velcro.

Step 6: Attach Velcro

Measure off your exact middle to make sure you put the velcro in the correct spot and attach your velcro.

DIY Shelf Sitter tutorial
DIY Shelf Sitter measuring
DIY Shelf Sitter tutorial

Step 7: Place The Stand

If you want to have your shelf sitter stand alone, attach the back triangle by sliding the screw into the keyhole.

Now the fun begins.  Add any of your attachments and start decorating!!

DIY Shelf Sitter with Fall Attachments

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I would love to know, did you paint stripes or use a a fun stencil? 

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