Farmhouse Word Sign Tutorial

This Farmhouse Word Sign tutorial includes step by step instruction from owner, Sarah Williams.  With this tutorial, you will use texture and layering to create this beautiful sign, original artwork created by Framed!

Need a kit for this project?  Grab one HERE

Your supply list for this workshop includes:

  1. 2 brushes, 1.5″ brush for your base coat, texture, and top coat.  3/4″ brush for your word, water container for your brushes, paper plate, and paper towels.
  2. Wood pieces includes: Circle pallet sign, and word cutout
  3. Paint (see list below)
  4. pallet knife, plastic knife, or putty knife
  5. small fan for drying (optional but recommended)
  6. Glue to attach the word, we use E6000 glue
  7. Ribbon for hanging
  • Paint used for this project:
  • Bungalow 47 Paint colors: Lamp Post (black), and Subway Tile (white) + Vintage Texture. {Bungalow 47 Paints available here with my affiliate link:

Don’t forget to post your final pics in the Creative Club fb group so I can see!  Have fun!


If you purchased the full kit, you have 1 jar of Subway Tile, 2 jars of Lamp Post, 1 jar of Vintage Texture, and your ribbon for hanging.  The 2 jars of lamp post are for 2 separate uses.  The small container is for the first step and the word.  The large container is to mix with the Vintage Texture.  DO NOT use any of that until we mix.  We’ve pre-measured it for you to have the exact amount.

Step 1:

Start by painting the routed lines with the SMALL jar of black.  Don’t get too crazy with the paint, because you need that jar to paint your word as well.  Don’t worry about covering the whole sign, just the routed lines and the edges all the way around.

Step 2:

Mix the texture and paint.  Using a small disposable container or a plastic cup, mix the vintage texture and the LARGE jar of black paint together.  I used my palette knife to mix it.  You can use a plastic utensil, a popsicle stick,or whatever else you can find.

Mix this really well.  It should feel like brownie batter.  You need to make sure you get all the dry powder off the bottom and mixed in with the paint.  That’s why I like using a clear cup so I can see it.

Step 3:

Add the textured paint to your circle board.  I made this little video to show you how to add the texture.  You want to make it stand up a little bit.  We will smooth it out later.

Click here to watch the Farmhouse sign texture video 1 

 After you get the board covered, let it sit for about 20 mins or so.  Then we will come back in the the palate knife and smooth it out a little and create more interesting detail to the finish.

Click here to watch Farmhouse Sign texture video 2

You will need to let this dry completely.

Step 4:  

While your texture is drying, this is where I came in and painted my word.  For some reason I took NO pictures of this, but you already know how to do this!  I used the 3/4″ brush, started with the sides and them laid it down and painted the top.  I gave the top 2 coats.

Step 5:

Next we want to layer on the white paint (B47 Subway Tile).  The trick here is to NOT cover it.  We want this to look aged and weathered, so you want to see some of the black showing.  Try to stay out of the grooves, I know I know it seems impossible, but trust me I have some paint in the grooves too!  It’s not going to ruin it!  I also did NOT paint the edges.  I left them black.


Step 6:

Once I finished painting the circle sign, I lightly dry-brushed some of that white across the black word cutout.  I just went straight up and down and created that distressed look.

Let both pieces dry fully and then glue the word on top of the board.  Remember to use glue sparingly, as you don’t want it to ooze all over the board.

Step 7:

Take your ribbon and work it through the holes, tie a knot in the back on both sides and you are ready to hang!  I hope you enjoyed this project!