Lazy Susan

This project is fun for every room in the house!  It’s an 18″ round, fully functional Lazy Susan.  Customize it to fit your decor or give as a gift.  In this tutorial, I painted both a striped version and a monogrammed version.  Feel Free to get creative with these.  The possibilities are endless.  I can’t wait to see your finished projects.

Supply List:

-I used a 2″ brush to paint the base coat, 1″ brush for my stripes, and a 1/4″ brush for my stencil, painters tape for the stripes, tape measure, sanding block, sealer, small fan, and of course my paint!

Start by flipping over the Lazy Susan, we are going to paint the back first.  I am painting both versions at once here.  The striped Lazy Susan I painted black, the monogrammed Lazy Susan I painted white.



Make sure this side is completely dry before you flip it over.  Do the same thing on the top.


I gave the top 2 coats and let it dry fully.  If it is cold to the touch, the paint is still curing, but just make sure its completely dry before the next step.

If you are adding stripes, grab your painters tape.  I used a 2″ tape, but this would look good with any size.  Give this 2 coats of your stripe color.  Let it dry and pull your tape.  You may have some touch ups to do here, go ahead and touch up any spot that may have bled through.


After my white stripes dried, I used some of the black and dry brushed over the white.  I like a little bit of distressing on my items. (Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of this, but you can see it in the final picture)

If you are adding a stencil.  Mark the middle of your Lazy Susan but measuring it in both directions and adding a pencil mark in the middle.  Line your stencil up in the middle.  It was helpful for me to check the measurements on the sides to make sure it was correct.


Remove the back paper from the stencil.  Use something with a flat, straight edge and run it across the top transfer tape.  Lay it down on your Lazy Susan, you may need to remeasure to make sure it is in the right spot before you press it on.


Slowly peel back the transfer tape, leaving the stencil on the Lazy Susan.  Go slow, you may need to hold down the little pieces as you go.


The first coat I painted is the same color as the base of my Lazy Susan.  This will seal the stencil to the board and you will have less bleed through.


After this dries, you will paint in the color you want your design to be, right on top of this.  For whatever reason I did not take pictures of this.  I gave it 2 coats of black and let it dry before I pulled the stencil up.  I used some tweezers to get the little pieces inside the wreath.

I lightly sanded the edges of this Lazy Susan, I did not on the stripes.  I sealed both of them with 2 coats of Minwax Polycrylic, Semi Gloss. (I purchased that at Lowes).  I also gave the bottom 2 coats of sealer.  This will prevent any water damage on the bottom from being in the kitchen and help protect the paint.

Don’t forget to post your pics inside Creative Club Facebook group….I can’t wait to see your finished projects!!