Market Trends Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

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Going to Market earlier this year was hard.  There were a lot of empty showrooms, little new product, and the normal buzz of shoppers was missing.   I was excited to see all of that has changed this Summer.  The showrooms were full, shoppers were everywhere, and fresh new items on their shelves.  I’ve compiled my top 5 market trends for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. 

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Market Trends Bold Jewel Tones 2

Market Trend #1 - Bold Jewel Tones:

Magenta is the color of Fall! This gorgeous pop of color can be found all over this season, from fashion to home decor. From brightly colored ornaments and sweaters on people in every store window you go by Magenta seems destined for success.   

Psst…you are even going to see it show up in a Framed! Monogram Box soon!

Market Trends Bold Jewel Tones 1
Market Trends Bold Jewel Tones 3

Trend #2 - Chenille

Chenille is the newest trend to hit fashion. It’s a silky thread that loops onto other fabrics in tight layers, giving them an elegant 3-D effect and making any project come alive!

Market Trends Chenille 1

The fabric can be seen on sweatshirts, bags, monograms–even pre-made patches you can add to anything!

Market Trends Chenille 2
Market Trend Chenille 3

Trend #3 - Neoprene

What started out as a great way to keep a canned beverage cool has quickly made it’s way to the fashion industry as a staple accessory item.

Market Trends Neoprene 2

Everywhere we turned there was a different version of neoprene bags and accessories.  And why not??  It’s lightweight, durable, and fun!

Market Trends Neoprene 1
Market Trends Neoprene 3

Trend #4 - Retro Vibes

Retro fonts, styles, colors are now 2021!  You will find a variety of retro in any showroom at market.

Market Trends Retro 3

Retro describes something relatively new like a product or style that imitates that of the past.  We are feeling the 70s and 80s retro vibes at Market this year.

Market Trends Retro 1
Market Trends Retro 2

Trend #5 - Leopard is here to stay

While the Tie-dye trend is starting to fade, leopard print is definitely here to stay.  New colors and patterns keep it hot and fresh, but it’s becoming a staple in our lifestyle.  Leopard is our new neutral now, so we might as well embrace it and love it, because it’s not going anywhere.

Market Trends Leopard 1
Market Trends Leopard 2

We are loving the trends we are seeing this year at Market, and you know they will ALL be coming to Framed very soon!  I can’t wait to share the newest items with all of you!

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