Porch Bunny Tutorial

I just LOVE this Porch Bunny!!  He is going to make a great addition to my porch this Spring.  What’s fun about him, he can go in your entry, fireplace, or back porch too!

Grab your kit HERE.

Supply List:

  • 1-2  1.5″ brushes (you can wash and re-use these between colors)
  • Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel Sealer
  • E6000 glue AND hot glue
  • Paint: we are using all Bungalow47 paint in this project.  Wood Beam, Lava Lamp, Funky Fringe, Beaded Curtain, Picnic Basket, Subway Tile

Step 1:  Paint the sides and front in the B47 Wood Beam (brown)  This bunny is cut from outdoor material, so it doesn’t have to be painted or sealed on the back.

Step 2:  While the brown paint is drying, I paint the initial in B47 Subway Tile (white)  and after it dries, dry brush some of the brown on top (of course I didn’t take any pics. lol)

Step 3:  Layer in your colors, one at a time.  It’s helpful to mark them with your paint so you don’t paint the wrong one. (don’t ask me how I know!)  You also don’t want to paint them solid.  Leave some of the brown showing through to give it a distressed look.  You can also add a little on top when you get done if you go to heavy with the paint.


Step 4: Once your paint is completely dry, take it outside and spray it will Rustoleum Crsytal Clear enamel.  I gave mine 2 good coats.  Let it dry for a few hours.

Step 5:  Add your bow & Glue on the initial.  I use both hot glue and E6000 glue for this one.  2 reasons.  1. You cannot lay this flat  2.  Hot glue sticks quickly, but does not hold up in the heat, and E6000 holds forever but takes hours to dry.    So I put E600 glue on the back of the initial first.  Then before you stick it to the bunny, put some hot glue on it.  This will give you an immediate hold and a long term hold!!

Here is the Bow Video Bonus I shared inside the group the other day:

[vimeo 321333977]

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