Porch Sign + WELC ME Letters Workshop

The new Welcome Porch Sign is a 3 part workshop.  Step 1: Assemble and Stain your wood backer  Step 2: Paint and Distress your Welcome letters  Step 3:  Paint your Changeable Seasonal Pack.

Let’s start with Step 1:  Assemble and Stain your wood Backer Board.

We purchased 2x4s to create the back. (This makes it very heavy, you could also use 1x4s to make it lighter)  Each board was cut into 6ft pieces and we attached them together with smaller cross bars in the back.  4 pieces make the width approximately 16″ wide and 6ft tall.

You can Stain them before or after assembly.  We used a mixture of Minwax stains we had on hand.  We combined an Ebony stain with a lighter color to get this deep brown color.  You can choose any stain color you would like.  Keep in mind you brick or house color when selecting a stain.

Read the directions on the can of stain, but the easiest way to stain is wipe it on and wipe the access off.  Do not let the access stain dry on the boards, it will remain sticky if you do.

Once your board is stained and assembled, it’s time to work on step 2: Paint & Distress your WELC ME letters.

We are using Bungalow 47 Subway Tile (white) for the letters.  This will give it a neutral base so your attachments really pop each season.  Paint the sides and tops of each letter.  No need to paint the backs, they will be glued on the board.

Next, use a touch of Bungalow 47 paint color Lamp Post (black) to add some faux distressing on top of your letters.  I am using a cheap chip brush to do this to get that uneven look easier.  You could get more creative here and add some fun gold or black polka dots or stripes if you want.  Keep it neutral though so your attachments will be what draw’s the attention on the board.


After the paint is dry, you will want to seal them.  My favorite outdoor sealer is Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel.  I give them 2 coats and they dry very quickly.


After your letters are dry, you are ready to attach them to your board.  I use E6000 to glue them.  It’s way better than hot glue and will last much longer outside.  Make sure to lay them out on your board and pop in your largest attachment to get spacing right before glueing.  You will ONLY glue the letters, NOT the attachments.


Step 3 Paint your Seasonal 3-pack

I’ve created a video tutorial for these, you can access it HERE

Once your attachments are painted, you will attach them to your board using velcro.  Each 3 pack comes with 3 stripes of Velcro.  You won’t need the backer for each shape because once you get it on there it stays, but just keep it somewhere handy in case you need to replace it at anytime.

Cut your velcro strips in half and attach the tops and bottoms of the the velcro together.

The hard part of the velcro with go not the board and the soft side will go on your attachments.  Peel and stick the soft side onto one of your attachments leaving the hard side stuck to it.  Peel of the hard sign and stick the attachment onto your board.  Press and hold for a few minutes.  This will secure your velcro in the right spot.  Line up and attach the soft side of your velcro to each attachment.


You can easily change out your attachments whenever you would like!

Purchase your Porch Kits HERE

Purchase your Fall 3 Pack HERE

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