Road Trip Essentials

A couple of months ago, I headed to Bowling Green, Kentucky to meet with a new manufacturer. I was SO excited about this trip. I knew we were going to come up with some fantastic, exclusive items for my Monogram Box. I was feeling good power walking through the airport until I suddenly had to make a ninja-type move to avoid an out-of-control rolling suitcase. And my jeans split. 

Yep. They split. I was faced with the choice of buying a pair of overpriced, not-cute-in-anyway airport sweatpants or getting on the plane with my split jeans and sitting carefully. I felt good about my decision not to buy the ugly sweatpants… until I arrived at my destination airport but my luggage didn’t. I had an important meeting first thing in the morning and I had no clothes other than what I was wearing. Yep, the split jeans. So, I waited at the airport for 3 hours until my bags arrived. 

Not long after that trip, I traveled to Canada to meet with my mentor Stu McLaren and record some videos for his course. From Canada, I headed to North Carolina for some meetings. I had a terrible time getting through customs and out of Canada. When I landed, again I had no luggage. My bags were stuck in New Jersey and I was stuck in North Carolina with no clothes for the first day of meetings. 

Travel is ALWAYS an adventure. And even though things seem to go wrong for me when I travel more often than they go wrong for other people, it never stops me from going places. 

What I have learned, though, is that I need to do a MUCH better job of packing my carry-on bag. That sucker needs to have some essentials to carry me through split pants, delayed flights, or lost luggage. 

Keep reading for some of my road trip essentials to help make your next trip go a lot more smoothly than some of mine have! 

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Travel Bags.

It all starts with a great bag. A functional bag. A bag that fits all the things – and, because cute matters, a bag that looks good while it’s working for you! 

We need big bags for packing full of our essentials. This black leopard neoprene tote gets the job done perfectly! And we need smaller bags (like our 4 piece leopard travel cosmetic kit) to keep our makeup, accessories, and toiletries organized. We’re women. We need our stuff with us. And we need our stuff packed safely and well! 

Choose the perfect purse to meet your travel needs. Some trips call for a larger purse like our Audrey tote purse. Other times, a small crossbody like our best little bag is all you need. 

Check out our selection of bags of all sizes to meet all your travel needs.

Travel Cups.

Whether you’re driving or flying, it’s important to stay hydrated. I always know when I don’t drink enough water while I’m traveling. My skin feels tight, my lips feel dry, and I feel tired. 

Bringing my own cute travel cups on the road with me reminds me to keep drinking what’s going to keep me going. That means sometimes one of these cups is full to the brim with coffee! 

Black leopard tumbler

Stainless steel mug – sand art

Swig 12oz. Solid Stainless Steel Skinny Can Cooler – Matte Turquoise

Extra Clothing.

Learn from my split jeans story and pack some extra clothes in your carry-on bag! 

Even if I’m traveling somewhere warm, I like to pack a cardigan in my carry-on and in my tote. I always get cold on the airplane and, even when the weather is warm, restaurants or meeting rooms often have the A/C turned WAY up! 

A cute kimono takes up almost no space at all but gives you the option to change up your outfit by adding this easy, makes-it-feel-special layer. 

Super Soft Button-Down Cardigan

Black & Burgundy Floral Kimono with Tassels

Super-soft V-Neck Tunic

Must-Have Travel Accessories.

A few small items make a big difference when I’m traveling. 

Ever since I lost a pair of really expensive sunglasses in the ocean, I don’t travel with my priciest pairs. Instead, I keep my eyes protected – and look cute doing it – with these tortoise sunglasses! They come with a cork case to keep them safe. 

I find a million-and-one reasons to wear a hat when I’m traveling. Whether it’s to camouflage a bad case of slept-on-the-plane hair or to protect my scalp from sunburn, a hat is always the answer. Our road trippin’ trucker hats are my fave! 

Some trips are relaxing and others… aren’t. Whether it’s travel delays, lumpy hotel beds, or too much late-night fun, these bubbly eye gels will save the day! They were a lifesaver for me this week when our Mastermind included a few too many late-night fun events for this early-to-bed girl. 

Don’t ever stop looking for adventure and exploring new vacation spots. But, take these road trip essentials along with you to make sure you’re ready… no matter what!


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