Welcome Board Spring 3pk Attachments

This is the 3rd group of attachments for our WELCOME boards.  Here are the supplies I used for this project:

  1. 5 brushes (one for each color, but you can just wash them out) 1″ or 3/4″, water container for your brushes, paper plate, and paper towels.
  2. 3 Wood Cutouts: Triple Hearts, Bunny, and 4-leaf clover
  3. Paint (see list below)
  4. E6000 Glue
  5. Polka Dot Sponge or pencil eraser  (optional)
  6. Sea Sponge for stenciling
  7. small fan for drying (optional)
  8. Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel to seal and make it glossy
  • Paint used for this project was Bungalow 47 Paint and white acrylic for stenciling
  • Hearts: Funky Fringe, Lava Lamp, and Front Door Red
  • 4-Leaf Clover:  Front Lawn
  • Bunny:  Granny’s Cornbread

Instructions are simple.  Paint the things.  Stencil the things.  Glue the things. lol.

I first painted the sides of each shape and then laid them flat and painted the tops.  Some of them needed 2 coats, some just needed one, it depends on the color.


Let them fully dry before starting the stencil them.  I used various stencils, polka dots, chevron, and a checkerboard.  You can mix this up with whatever you have.

I stencil using a sea sponge and thin acrylic white paint.  Make sure your sponge is moist before you start, but not wet, you don’t want excess water in your paint.

Lay your stencil flat and lightly dab your sponge.  Don’t squish it on there or you will get paint underneath your stencil.


I originally did not polka dot the hearts, but after I glued them together I decided it needed a little something more.  So I added those to the pink and red hearts.

Spray them with the Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel.  This will seal and protect them.


I used E6000 to glue on the bunny tail and the hearts together.  Wait about 5-6 hours before adding vinyl on top of the sealer.  Or you can always put it on before you seal.  I do it both ways, either one is fine.

Once dry, add the velcro to the backs.  I like to stick the new velcro onto the velcro on the board and then stick my shape to it, that way I know I have them lined up correctly.


Don’t forget to share your pics inside the Creative Club FB page….I can’t wait to see them.