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You know what we say about monograms in the south. “If it isn’t monogrammed, is it really even yours?” 

We take our monograms seriously. And we put our monograms on just about everything. 

But, here’s the thing. There are rules when it comes to monograms. Dos and Don’ts and a whole lot of things to consider before you decide to monogram something. 

Sound confusing? It doesn’t need to be. 

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All About Monograms 2021 Monogram Boxes

My subscription box is called The Monogram Box. Each month, I surprise and delight thousands of subscribers with fun, trendy, and unique items. And every month, one of those items is monogrammed. 

I guess you could say I’m a bit of an expert on all things monogram. 

And today, I’m here to take some of the mystery out of monograms. Keep reading and soon you’ll have the knowledge – and the confidence – to put your initials on all the things.

Why monogram it?

I could answer this question by saying, “Why not monogram it?”

1. Monograms are timeless rather than trendy. 

Even if you are going with something trendy – and y’all know I love a good trend – monogramming gives it a timeless feel. 

2. Monograms turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Consider a simple sweatshirt. There is nothing special about a plain sweatshirt. But… a monogram elevates that plain sweatshirt and your entire outfit.

3. A monogram personalizes ANY regular gift. 

A monogrammed gift shows the recipient that you put thought into their gift. You planned ahead and gave them something that is just for them.

Monogram Options Chart_Framed by Sarah All About Monograms

Choosing a monogram.

Picking a monogram style is like picking an accessory to go with your favorite outfit. What color and what style accessory will you choose? And, of course, does it compliment the outfit? 

You wouldn’t wear a Victorian-style necklace with a t-shirt, would you? Rather, you’d save that necklace and wear it with a beautiful dress it compliments. 

The same principles apply when we’re talking monograms. 

Consider whether the item you want to have monogrammed is whimsical or sophisticated? Is it trendy or basic? 

The monogram style you pick should represent not only your personal style but also the style of the item you’re putting it on.  

What better way to show you what I mean than to share a couple of items from past Monogram Boxes with you.

September 2021 Monogram Box Tote

This bag had straight lines and classic hardware, so it made sense to use our Diamond Monogram because of its straight lines and classic features. 

Check out the box reveal to see all the goodies that came in September’s box.

May 2021 Monogram Box Pocket Tee

The monogram we chose for this tee was based not on the tee itself, but rather on the flowy kimono we paired it with. 

Since the kimono dressed up the tee, we made the monogram fancier, too. It took a simple tee and made it part of a carefully curated look. 

Want to see more of May’s box? See the box reveal here

A southern wedding is not complete without a whole lot of monogrammed gifts, favors, and decor items. It’s no surprise that the wedding website, The Knot, has one of the best monogram how-to guides I’ve seen. Check it out here.

Consider fabrics when choosing a monogram.

Picking a monogram style is also important when you consider what the monogram is actually going on. Some fabrics hold stitches better than others. 

One common issue we see is our customers choosing thin stitched monograms for bulky items or bulky monograms for delicate items. 

For example, blankets, sherpa, or fleece pullovers need thicker stitching that will sit on top of the material rather than sinking into it.

There are many factors to consider when stitching on these fabrics – like stabilizers and hopping – but all you really need to know is thicker stitching is better on thick materials and thinner is better on delicate or smaller items. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when making your monogram decisions. Here at Framed, we have millions of stitches of experience to help you select a monogram to fit any item.

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