Beach Vacation Must Haves

No matter what time of year it is, a beach vacation is always a good idea!

Relaxation for the adults, easy entertainment for the kids, you really can’t go wrong!  With summer upon us, I am busy planning our next beach trip.  Whether you are flying or driving, I’ve compiled my favorite beach vacation must haves with a fun printable checklist at the bottom.


                       not all towels are created equal.  I LOVE these Microfiber Beach Towels for several reasons.

  • They are super thin and don’t take up much space when you are packing.
  • Not only do they get you dry, but they dry themselves much faster than a traditional beach towel
  • They are oversized and can double as a beach blanket.
  • They look awesome monogrammed too!!


                        Of course you need drinks and snacks on the beach.  I mean if you are going to load up ‘all the things’ and head to the beach, you are probably going to stay for awhile.

My favorite beach snacks include animal crackers, cheez-its, lunchmeat rollups (just cheese and meat with pickle spears inside) and grapes.  You have to think about things you can eat with your fingers without getting messy!

These                                           are the perfect size for some drinks and snacks while working on your tan.

             It is super important to have protection from the sun, but you want to look cute while being responsible right?!?  Whether you prefer the posh floppy hat or the practical trucker hat, both look awesome monogrammed.

I love a good floppy hat for beach lounging.  It says, “Hey, I’m on vacation and in FULL relaxation mode.”   

I also love a good trucker hat.  You can wear this in the water without fear of it falling off (if you stay above the water of course).

                               Taking your favorite water bottle or tumbler will help keep your drink cool while soaking up the sun!  

Fill your Swig full of ice and keep it in the shade and you will be able to enjoy a cold drink the entire day.

Now that you have all your beach gear…..what are you going to carry it all in?!?  A super cute            of course! Be sure to add a personal touch with a monogram.

We love these Jute Pocket Totes.  You can fit SO much stuff in one of these and it folds flat for easy storage.   The outside pocket keeps track of the little things you tend to lose in big bag.

Getting ready for your Beach Vacay?

Download our printable checklist to make sure you have packed all the little things you tend to forget!

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