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Choose Joy T-Shirt August Tshirt Club Framed by Sarah

I thought it would be fun to take you on a journey this month.  So many people ask me how I come up with and create my designs each month.  I’m giving you a peek behind the curtain as I take you on a journey with the Choose Joy T-shirt Club August tee!

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How I Create Custom T-Shirt Designs

It all starts with an idea.  I watch trends closely and have been really drawn to these BOHO rainbows.  I knew I needed to create a design with one for my T-shirt Club.

Choose Joy T-Shirt Inspiration

I create a Pinterest board with shapes, colors, and sayings I like.  This is my inspiration board for the August Tee.  I was loving the muted colors and the simplicity of the designs.

Choose Joy T-Shirt Design

Then, I start some sketches.  I usually spend an afternoon or evening just drawing different things until I create the “winner.”  This month I actually created two different designs and let my friends and employees vote on the one they liked the best!

I use a program called Procreate on my ipad and my Apple Pencil to draw.  Then I transfer these images into Photoshop on my laptop to put together and finalize the design.

Once the design is finalized, now the hard decision comes…

What color shirt will I pick???

This really is the hardest part of every month. Several factors go into picking the tee.

  • What colors have we recently had in the club?
  • What color is a good color for the season we are in?
  • What is in stock that I am able to get right now?
Choose Joy T-Shirt Behind the Scenes

I chose this Heather Peach tee for the August Choose Joy t-shirt.  I had never used this color before in the T-shirt club and knew it would be a good transition color from Summer to Fall.

Getting the peach tees turned out to be more of a challenge.  When I initially checked with my supplier there were thousands in stock.  But a week later when I went to order them….duh duh duh…they were very low.  I had to search all over the US using different vendors to get enough.  It was a little stressful, but was happy to find what I needed eventually.

Choose Joy T-Shirt Screen Printing

I chose custom inks for the shirt this month.  Why might you ask??

I had these super cute earrings made for my subscribers that have the Earring Upgrade, so I needed my shirt colors to match.  I think we got super close!

Once all the tees are printed, my crew starts to fold and pack them.  We fold everything first and then start loading them into the T-Shirt bags, leaving them open at the top and separating them by sizes. 

Choose Joy T-Shirt Stacks

Once all the tees are printed, my crew starts to fold and pack them.  We fold everything first and then start loading them into the T-Shirt bags leaving them open at the top and separating them by sizes. 

I took the T-shirt design and created a custom die-cut sticker to match.  It’s the perfect little add on for my subscribers.  We drop those in the bag so everything is ready for shipping day.  I can’t wait to see all the places they’ve put them!


Choose Joy Sticker Gifts for Teenage Girls

Now everything is ready once the subscription payments run and we can just drop packing slips in and send them out the door!

This is the exciting part because I know it’s only a few days before my subscribers start receiving them!

Once my subscribers start receiving them, I get all kinds of messages and tags on their photos wearing them.  I LOVE that!!  It’s my favorite part of the month.

4 Ways to style The Choose Joy T-Shirt!

I put together several looks each month to show you how to style your tee in different ways! Check out the 4 different ways to dress up the August tee below.

Choose Joy T-Shirt Outfit

Plum Cute

We’ve layered this lightweight plum cardigan over our tee and paired it with some fun leopard shoes and flirty turquoise fringe earrings. 

Now you can grab your monogrammed zipper pouch and head out to run errands in your new outfit.

Floral Fun

I love a thin colorful kimono in the summer months.  It keeps us cool and stylish at the same time!  We love this one because it adds a bright pop of color to our somewhat neutral tee.

Pairing this with our favorite blue jeans and some super cute wedges complete the outfit.

Choose Joy T-Shirt red cardi

Snuggly Soft

Are you dreaming about cooler temps and snuggling up with your fuzzy socks and blankets this Fall??  That’s what this look is all about! 

We’ve paired the peachy Choose Joy T-Shirt with a chunky knit sweater (and it has POCKETS!), added some fun jewelry and easy leopard slide on shoes for the ultimate comfort.

Peachy Keen

We used the same cardigan as look number 1, but changed up the accessories to show you how to go from a more casual look to a dressed up one with the same pieces.

Just swapped out the leopard sneakers with these neutral Corky sandals and add the peach beaded necklace for a classic look.

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