Destress from the Season and Use the Self-Care Gifts You Received

Destress from the Season Framed by Sarah BLOG

Did you get a self-care gift or two in your stocking or under the tree this year? I did! And I gave self-care gifts to some women in my life, too. 

There’s a reason these gifts are a popular choice. We women NEED to destress, especially after the holidays. It takes so much time and energy to make the holiday season magical for our families. 

There’s also a reason many of these self-care gifts don’t get used. They gather dust, get pushed to the back of a cupboard, or deep into a drawer. 

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Puppy Snuggles -Framed by Sarah

Many of us are really terrible at taking care of ourselves.

We take care of everyone else. Managing schedules, planning and cooking meals, driving kids to all the things all the time. 

It’s no wonder we’re exhausted. Especially now. And it’s no wonder the people who love us want to give us gifts that say, “Hey, slow down a minute, girl, and relax.” 

So what can you do to make sure those gifts actually get used this time? 

Schedule some time with yourself.

No woman runs a household or a business without knowing how to manage a schedule. If yours looks anything like mine, it is full of appointments, kids’ practices and activities, meetings for work, and more. 

Take time each month to schedule self-care appointments with yourself. 

Relaxing Drink by the Fire -Framed by Sarah

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but get it on the calendar. Use those bath salts and take a long, hot bath on a Wednesday evening when the house will be quiet. 

Or use that gift card to the spa and go get yourself a mani and pedi. If you watch my LIVES on Facebook, you know fancy nails are one of my favorite ways to practice self-care!  

Nails Done -Framed by Sarah

Turn a gift card to your favorite coffee shop into self-care. Instead of rushing through the drive-thru, bring along a book or magazine and settle in at a quiet table inside.

Remember why you received the gift.

When someone gives you a self-care gift, they’re also giving you a reminder. They’re telling you that you deserve to take some time for yourself. 

The people in your life are telling you they want you to slow down and take some time just for you. 

Light that scented candle, snuggle up with that weighted blanket, and just breathe. 

And when you use that gift, take a quick minute to let the person who gave it to you know. Tell them it helped you remember to take that time. You’ll make their day, too! 

Tis the Season -Framed by Sarah

Taking time for you matters.

Let’s be honest, the past two years have been hard. On everyone. But maybe especially on women. We’re the ones who take care of everyone else – and that has taken more of our emotional and mental energy than any other time I can remember. 

The truth is, we need to take time to take care of ourselves. In order to keep giving so much to everyone in our lives, we HAVE to make time for self-care. 

I built my business around the idea of providing women with clothes, accessories, and gifts that make them feel special. My subscription box came from the desire to make sure my most loyal customers knew how much I appreciated them. 

Make sure you’re taking some time – regularly – to show yourself some love and appreciation. 

Remember how special the people in your life think you are. Use those gift cards. Take those baths. Light those candles. You’ll be glad you did!

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