Feel the Love with our January Monogram Box

Can you feel the love with our January Monogram Box?? 

January can be one of the most ‘meh’ feeling months.  We’ve taken all the fun Christmas decorations down, the family has all gone, and you’ve eaten your weight in yummy, delicious foods for the past 2 months and you are feeling blah.

Just when you think you have nothing to get excited about, here comes the January Monogram Box! Woohoo!!

Monogrammed Vest

We started this box off with this lightweight packable vest. Subscribers got either a black or gray vest with a diamond monogram in white thread.  

Let’s talk about all the reasons why I love this vest. It’s made from a great material that is light weight and thin.  It’s soft and flowy and doesn’t add bulk to you.  And my favorite part is it covers your sides, so if you ate one too many pieces of pecan pie at Christmas you don’t have to worry about it in this vest!

We’ve picked this vest particularly for our Combo Box Subscribers because it goes with our January T-Shirt Club tee perfectly!  The red sleeves pop out of these vests giving it a great layered look.

Check Out some of the ways you can style the January Tee below.

In case you missed it, you can read all about these styles and more on the ‘All You Need is Love’ tee in last weeks blog HERE!

Marble Earrings

Sometimes the accessories are the most fun things in the box!  This month we have black/gray marble disc earrings to match your vest.  Throw them in your ‘all the things’ faux leather trinket tray and you never have to look for that missing earring again!

Faux Leather Tray

The trinket tray comes flat and you simply button the sides to create the tray.  I love this piece because it can be used for so many things. 

Subscribers are using it in the bathroom, on the nightstand, in the kitchen, and even to hold the remotes in the living room. (great idea!)

Feel the Love

We’ve added an 8×10 print with our T-Shirt club design this month.  We loved it so much, it’s a great addition to decorate with.   Pop that in an 8×10 frame and make it your centerpiece for a table or mantel. 

Not a subscriber?!?  We are sharing the love this month with this FREE 8×10 print download.  Just click the button below and we will send it right over to your inbox.

Need more monograms in your life?!?  Check out our Framed! Monogram Box Subscription HERE.

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I hope you feel the love in this January Monogram Box! It’s a perfect pick me up to get your year started. Let us know how you used your tray on our Facebook Page

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