Fresh, Fun, and Beautiful • April Monogram Box Reveal

april 2022 monogram subscription box reveal

The April Monogram Box blends the fun colors of spring with some great staples for your beauty routine. Spring is when leaves are back on the trees, lawns start to come to life, and flowers are in bloom. The beauty of nature is all around us.  

Spring is also when many of us start focusing on our own beauty. After a long winter of being covered up and cozy, managing dry skin, and not getting enough sunshine, it’s time to pay a little more attention to our skin and hair! 

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Fresh, Fun, and Beautiful for Spring Subscription Box Opening

You know how much we love basic black. And we know you love it just as much. It’s a goes-with-anything, perfect-anytime, classic-for-all-the-right-reasons look. 

But sometimes, basic black needs a little excitement. That’s why we’ve livened things up in this box by adding bright colors and fun patterns!

Monogrammed black tee styled with jeans

Monogrammed Tee

We selected a bright monstera-inspired pattern for your monogram. Shades of green are everywhere this season – and I’m loving it! So naturally, we had to incorporate that trend into this month’s box! 

Printed on a black heather tee, this monogram will quickly become your favorite! Pair it with jeans and some fun jewelry for a cute daytime look or wear it with your favorite comfy PJ pants at night! 

This tee can be dressed up or down, taking you from running errands or lunch with a friend to a casual dinner out with your husband or a quiet night in.

Terry Cloth Headband and Wristbands

We love a classic terry cloth headband to help you with your morning and nighttime face routines. They are perfect for keeping your hair dry and out of the way while you cleanse, moisturize, and tone. But… we kicked it up a notch with these terry wristbands. 

No, these are not for your Jane Fonda workout! LOL These wristbands actually prevent water from dripping down your arms as you wash your face. Genius, right?

pink terry cloth headband
Black claw clip

Claw Clips

If you’ve got long locks, these claw clips are where it’s at. They’re great for putting on your makeup, washing your face, or just getting your hair up and off your neck when the heat of summer is upon us.

Striped Train Case

This box wouldn’t be completed without the perfect place to store your beauty routine essentials. This striped train case does the job beautifully. I love using mine daily. 

When I’m finished getting ready, I quickly zip it up and toss it under the sink, keeping my counters clean and clear of clutter! That’s what I call a win!

april 2022 monogram box cosmetic case

Monogram Box Upgrades

This month, all combo subscribers received the April “Bloom Bloom Bloom where you’re planted” tee in this pretty pink color and a coordinating sticker. Ultimate Box Subscribers also got an adorable pair of multicolor beaded hoop earrings to pull the whole look together!  

See all the ways we styled this tee HERE.

If you are a Monogram box subscriber and want to upgrade, shoot us an email 🙂

Pink T-shirt with 3 colorful Bloom Bloom Bloom in script

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