Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Yourself – February T-Shirt Club

Be Kind.  Be Bold.  Be Yourself.   We can tell ourselves that over and over, but what does it really mean?

-Be Kind

Be kind when it’s hard. You know those times you’d rather not be kind?? That’s when people need it the most. You never know what someone else is going through behind the curtain. One kind act can change someone’s life. Many kind acts can create a movement.

-Be Bold

Push yourself and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Doing things outside of your comfort zone really push us to be greater. Greater parents, greater friends, greater human beings in general. Go for it girl, be bold!!

-Be Yourself

One of my favorite quotes is “a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”  (I’m going to have to get that on a shirt one of these days!)  Why are we always trying to be like someone else?

Everyone is different, and owning that is what makes you special.  I am an Ennegram 4, if you know what that is, you know I have a longing to be seen as unique and different.

With the help of Savvy Gurlz Boutique, I put together 4 looks to help you be bold, and be yourself….see what I did there??  I named these after some of my girls that work with me at Framed!


The first look is the Sarah….ME! This look is really just me in a nutshell!  I go for comfort and style.  I love a layer that moves with you, feels like you are wrapped in a blanket, and fun accessories to match.


Amber loves a good floral, a pop of color with the pink earrings, and is all about having fun.  I can see her having a lunch date with her friends or attending a board meeting in this.


She’s bold, the boldest of the bunch. Alisha loves style and edgy-ness. She would rock this outfit going out for drinks and even going to the grocery store!


Jolene would most likely wear the t-shirt and jeans all day and then throw on some booties and a kimono for a night out with the girls. She’s classic and comfortable all in one.

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We hope you feel inspired to Be Kind, Be Bold, and Be Yourself in this month’s tee. 

Which look is more your style? Try something similar, or create your own!  And as always, I love when you share them with me!

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