How to Decorate A Mantel with a TV

A well-decorated mantel can be a great focal point. I’ve seen so many people do this well with candles of different heights, photos, art, and accessories. But, what if you have a big old TV over your fireplace like I do? Can you decorate a mantel with a TV and still make it beautiful? 

Yes, you can. 

It will be more challenging, but it is also absolutely doable. I’m going to show you some updates I made to my mantel decor to bring in some fall feels. And yes, I even found clever ways to make the cords disappear!

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How to hide TV cords when decorating your mantel.

I’m going to share a hack with you I use to hide all those cords behind my mantel decor. 

  1. Measure the space between your TV and mantel. If you have a DVR player or cable box, factor the size of it in so everything fits nicely under your TV.
  2. Shop for a cute little wooden box like this. I found mine at TJ Maxx. When I turned it on its side, it was the perfect size to hide all those cords and support my DVR box. I’ll use the empty space inside the box to create a little vignette as I decorate. 

So cute, right?

Decorate your mantel from the outside in.

When decorating my mantel, I always start from the ends and work my way toward the middle. Working around the TV means larger items work best on the ends, so I save smaller items to use in the middle. I did just that to curate this cute, cohesive fall look for my mantel.

I started on the right with this super cute 12×12 Attachment Board. I love a shelf sitter like this because it’s SO easy to change out each holiday or season. Check out my blog to make one yourself.

Fall decor – just like fall coffee – means pumpkin! I made this cute stacked pumpkin a few years ago from some 2×4s, paint, and wood glue! Super easy and super fun. I also made a larger one to put down below on the fireplace ledge.

This Pumpkin Block Trio is perfect on the left side of my mantel. This is a fun, easy project I think you’ll love. Check out this blog post for step by step instructions to make one for your home.

The 8×10 print is from the October 2020 Monogram Box™! I popped it into an orange wooden frame and it looks just perfect! Find the frame in my Amazon shop!

Time to fill in and accessorize.

Now that the left and right sides of my mantel are set, it’s time to work toward the middle. I found these cute “faux books” at Hobby Lobby. They have an empty middle and can act as a tray. I love them here and also use them on a side table to store remotes inside. I’m all about getting rid of clutter! 

These super cute black and white fabric pumpkins were in a past fall Monogram Box™. They’re perfect on my mantel, but you could use them anywhere around the house to create a cute little display.


There’s nothing like having friends who know you and know what you like! One of my friends called me from Home Goods to tell me about these fun Rae Dunn black candles. She thought I needed them. She was right – LOL! I am all in on all things Rae Dunn! 

I put the final touches on my mantel decorations by creating a little vignette inside the wooden crate. I grabbed one of the fall signs in my shop, paired it with a handmade ceramic bowl I had, and grabbed a bag of these fall straw balls from Hobby Lobby. Perfect!

Mantel decorating tips.

Whether you have a little space on your mantel or a lot, there are a few things to keep in mind. Mix and match items of different heights and spread out colors evenly. You don’t want too much of one color on one side and not the other. Have fun and play around with the pieces you have until you come up with a look you love. 

If you find you have limited space between your TV and your mantel, focus your decorating efforts on your fireplace and hearth. Stack pumpkins, hang a cute bunting, and draw the attention down to the ledge instead of up on the mantel.

I change my mantel decor with the seasons. Check out the beautiful garland I have for Christmas. I used the same technique by adding a little crate to prop up the DVR player and layered the garland in front of it.

Have fun decorating, I can’t wait to see your mantel!

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