Limited Edition Kate Spade Monogram Box Reveal

I am super excited about this very special Monogram Box! If you have been following me on social media, then you know I have been working on this box for a while. Plus, It’s Kate Spade! Who isn’t excited?! I have been waiting to do my box reveal long enough, sooo here it is… the limited edition Kate Spade Monogram Box!

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Getting to work with a brand like Kate Spade has felt like a dream come true!  I’ve walked this showroom more times than I’d like to admit over the years, but the price points were too high to even consider adding it to my box.  When I reached out and made the ask, they were just as excited to work with me.  

Every detail in our August Kate Spade Monogram Box was carefully considered.  My regular subscribers were getting it, but I didn’t want it to feel like a regular box. 

I started with a custom box.  This had to be more fabulous and glamorous than my everyday turquoise box.  I created this rose gold stripe background with pops of maroon to match the cup in the box….complete with one of Kate Spade’s most famous quotes on the inside flap.  “Glitter is my favorite color.”

Inside The Kate Spade Monogram Box!

Kate Spade Rose Gold Tumbler

It all started with this double wall insulated tumbler.  This was something I’ve not had in a box before. 

I love the rose gold and maroon color combination, it was perfect to transition from Summer to Fall for my August box. 

I decided to add a first name to the tumbler instead of a monogram.  It was the first time I’ve ever done that.  I used a rose gold holographic vinyl to add a little glam to it.

Kate Spade Pencil Pouch and Supplies

I started thinking about what would go great with a new tumbler. 

When I buy new school supplies for my kids, I always find myself refreshing my office supplies.  So this was the perfect box to do that with. 

I added the cute polka dot pencil pouch with a set of office supplies.  Kate Spade branded pencil, ruler, eraser, and pencil sharpener. 

I also love some binder clips.  I use them all the time, so naturally when I saw these metallic clips, I new I wanted to add them to the box!

Kate Spade Journal

Needing one more item from the Kate Spade showroom, I found these little spiral journals which I loved.  Not only did the color compliment the rest of the box, but this journal had lined pages and a little pocket folder in the front…could there be anything cuter??  

I use journals to keep all my creative thoughts, all my hope for the future, and most certainly all my dreams.  This way, they are not on scraps of paper everywhere and I can’t find my genius plans!!

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.

With every box, I try to leave you with some inspiration. 

Of course I was looking for the perfect Kate Spade quote and when I came across this one, I new it was perfect for my subscribers. 

I popped it into an 8×10 wood frame like THIS ONE (I change it out each month with the new print) and have it propped up on my desk.  It’s the perfect daily reminder and something Kate Spade lived by.

As if that isn’t enough, we have 2 upgrade options for our monthly subscription box.

The Combo Box comes with our monthly T-shirt Club tee, and our Ultimate box comes with that tee and matching earrings.

The T-shirt Club came with these adorable waterproof die-cut stickers.  I can’t wait to see where everyone puts them!

I’ve been working on this box since January and I am so excited for my subscribers to receive it.  Here’s what they are saying about the August Monogram Box

“The Kate Spade box is my all time fave and the August tee!  Thank you for being YOU!”

Christie H.

Combo Box Subscriber

“Absolutely LOVED this month’s box!!  It’s everything I can use right now!!  Love, LOVE!!  Good choice of colors as well!”

Jessica M.

Ultimate Box Subscriber

“I just got my box!!! Freaking out!!!”

Erin W.

Monogram Box Subscriber

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