My Favorite Beauty Products for Summer

Beauty products for summer

We focus a lot on our clothes here at Framed!, but let’s not neglect our faces, hair, or skin! It’s so important that we take the time to care for ourselves, no matter the season. Summer brings extra challenges with the heat, humidity, and extra time spent outdoors. 

Texas summers are so hot that if I apply much more than a few things on my face, it will all just melt away. A few swipes of summer-worthy products and I am out enjoying the sun!

And let’s be real, if I am out in the sun, there is a 90% chance my hair is in a ponytail, top knot, or one of my favorite trucker hats LOL. There are a few things I use in the summer to help keep my hair beachy, shiny, and soft.

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My Favorite Beauty Products for summer

Must-Have Summer Beauty Products

For me, summer is all about keeping it pretty minimal but I do have a few favorite summer beauty products that I can’t live without.

It’s so important that we protect our skin from the sun at every age, but especially as we get older. Sun protection needs to be part of every woman’s daily routine. I find it’s easier for me to remember to apply it when I LOVE the sunscreen I’m using. 

This Hawaiian Tropic face sunscreen

is lightweight, smells great, and can be worn under makeup – or without any makeup at all. 

It comes in a small bottle that fits perfectly into your makeup bag or purse.

Summer is NOT the time for a lot of makeup. I combat the heat but still look polished by wearing a powder foundation, and bareMinerals BarePro is my fave!

I put my sunscreen on, let it dry for a few seconds, then apply this powder foundation on top. It prevents the streaks in foundation that usually happen when you sweat.

Toss it in your bag to make reapplying it later super simple.

I like to keep my eye color look softer in the summer this eye color palette by Tart is perfect for achieving that look. Just a hint of the light neutral shimmers on my eyes does the trick – no need to apply a ton of layers.

Beauty products for summer 2

Revlon Volumazing is my go-to mascara….in any season! And no, that’s not a typo. It’s called volum-azing for a reason! It really does give me amazing lashes. 

I love that it’s waterproof so I can wear it by the pool or at the lake.  This is a summer beauty product must-have to keep in your makeup bag.

Your summer day might include being out on a boat all day, lounging by the pool, working on your garden, or hanging out at the soccer fields. 

Just like it’s important to remember to hydrate by drinking water, remember your face needs to be rehydrated, too. I’m becoming more and more aware of this as I get older.

I love these hydrating sheet masks from Patchology. They help your skin recover quickly from a day filled with summer.

I use this oil in between washes. Now I know what you are thinking, we are trying to prevent our hair from being oily?… right? Right! But I find that my ends get really dry when I go a few days without washing and conditioning. I bet yours do, too. 

I have the perfect solution. I use this argan oil on the ends to help prevent breakage and split ends and give my hair the moisture it needs. 

Beauty products for summer hair

One of the biggest hair trends right now is beachy waves. I love this look! But, when summer’s heat and humidity hits, beachy waves can be hard to manage.

Unless you use my Sea Salt Spray that is. It gives you body and texture like you’d get from a day at the beach with none of the saltwater or sand that comes with it!

Summer is all about showing off bare shoulders and legs. But I need to feel confident that my skin is smooth and looking its best.

This exfoliating Body Scrub made with chemical and physical exfoliators. It sweeps away dry, rough bumps to reveal healthier-looking skin – skin that feels super smooth.

Summer fun can lead to hard-to-get-out-of-bed mornings. Give your eyes a boost with these bubbly, effervescent eye gels.  If you keep them in the fridge, they’ll always be ready when you need a refresh!  

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