Teacher Style Guide

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Our teacher style guide will help you look and feel your best heading into the classroom without breaking the bank.  

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Teachers spend a lot of time decorating their classrooms, choosing items that function well and look good, too. I know teachers who have perfectly coordinated classrooms or who choose a signature color or theme to work around. The result? Cheerful classrooms that welcome students and help them get ready to learn! But how much time and attention are you giving to your own style? It’s important that you look and feel good heading into the classroom every day! 

When you think about your classroom wardrobe, I’m sure many things come to mind. No doubt you have some favorites and go-to’s you count on, but how do you put together looks that fill all your teacher buckets? 

  • You want to look professional but still be comfortable. 
  • It must be washable – who’s got time to go to the dry cleaner? 
  • You want to be stylish and trendy – but on a budget. 
  • Oh,… and pockets are a MUST-have – you can’t function without them!

Teacher style made easy!

I put together this teacher style guide to set you up for success – you’ll walk into the classroom every day looking good and feeling confident – ready to handle whatever the day brings. And as every teacher knows, that could be anything! 😄

Tees 4 Teachers Subscription

Our Tees 4 Teachers Subscription is the first staple you need in your closet. These fun, trendy, inspirational, and budget-friendly tees get delivered to your door every month! Keep your look fresh and new all year long! 

Our teacher tees are super soft and comfortable featuring designs that work with YOUR style. Of course, what you choose to pair with these tees is important. Let’s talk about the four staples you need to have in your closet to go with any tee.

1. Blue Jeans

Distressed or not, it’s totally up to you (or your building’s dress code). But a good pair of blue jeans will be your best friend on a Friday when you leave work and head straight to happy hour! Some of our favorites are Judy Blues and Kan Can jeans.

2. Black Joggers/Dress Joggers

Yes, black+jogger is the perfect combo. They match EVERYTHING and they are so comfy! Pair them with a cute pair of flats or leopard print sneakers and you are ready to take on whatever comes your way.


Long or short, a cute skirt is a must-have! Own that hallway with a cute leopard skirt and a black tee. Or pair a colorful tee with our SUPER CUTE cargo skirt. Your teacher friends will think you are the queen of style and want to know all your fashionista secrets. Whether you choose to tell them is up to you. 

4. White Jeans or Pants

Yes, I said white. I know the thought of white pants might be terrifying, especially if your classroom is filled with dozens of tiny hands, but white pants pair perfectly with any t-shirt. Add some colorful accessories and you are set. 

5. Blazers

When you need to look extra polished and professional, make it easy with a blazer that feels great and makes you look oh-so-pulled-together.


Jewelry completes your look and takes it to the next level. Have fun with your jewelry choices. This is a great opportunity to bring in lots of color, the latest trends, and loads of FUN!

All great teachers know how important it is to bring some fun into the classroom. Teachers deserve to have some fun, too and jewelry is the perfect way to do it! 

Grab some fun earrings or bracelets to dress up any of your looks.


School supplies aren’t just for kids! If you love geeking out in your local office supply store, you just might be a teacher. 

We’re here to help up the fun factor with some classroom accessories and supplies to make you smile.

1. Pens matter

#truth. Having your favorite pen on hand really does matter. Just make sure you keep these super cute pens where only you can find them. You don’t have to share everything with your students – or even your teacher besties! 

2. Notebooks

Are you a notebook snob? I have more notebooks than one person should be allowed to have, but I’ll still go out and buy more. Notebooks make me feel organized and some of them are just so pretty!

3. Desk accessories

Take your desk accessory game to the next level with a cute mouse pad and coaster set. Having the perfect spot to set your cup of coffee or tumbler of water brings a little order to any hectic day.

4. It’s all about the cup

I change my cup like I change my purse. A few times a year, it’s out with the old and in with the new tumbler of the season. Stay hydrated throughout your day with a gorgeous new accessory on your desk! 

Teacher bags

It’s in the bag. The teacher bag, that is. Every teacher deserves a teacher bag that can do the work and look good!

Carry those papers back and forth in style with a bag that’s big enough to hold everything but not so big it overwhelms you. We’ve got you covered with bags to choose from that are just right. 

Teachers are some of the hardest-working people I know. You give selflessly and do so much to help our kids learn and grow. Know that you are appreciated! 

As a small way of saying thank you, we’re making looking and feeling great on a budget easier for you. I gathered some of my favorite teacher-style items and accessories in the Framed Teacher Collection and created a teacher style guide page inside my Amazon shop

Wishing you the best school year yet!

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