Tees 4 Teachers – Make a Difference

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

P.T Barnum

We love this quote from the founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus.  You can apply it to something extraordinary like the circus or to our kids everyday lives.

We all come into this world as unique individuals.  Then we start to care about what others think about us and tend to hide or mask our special traits that make us who we are.

Dare to be different and encourage the kids to do so as well.  Being different leads to innovation and critical thinking.

Teachers Make a Difference!

Dare to be different and encourage the kids to do so as well.  Being different leads to innovation and critical thinking.

Make a difference in our very first Tees 4 Teachers tee! We’ve put together 4 unique looks to help style this graphic tee, or inspire you to create your own look! 

Young & Fun

This outfit screams I feel young (at heart) and fun!  We’ve layered our tee with a classic jean jacket and jazzed it up with bright fun accessories.  What else screams fun, other than polka dot shoes?!?

COmfy & CUte

This look is all about being as comfortable as possible, but not compromising your cute-ness.  We’ve added this jersey hooded jacket, our favorite distressed shoes, and trendy accessories to complete the outfit.

All Striped Out

What is more fun than black & white stripes and turquoise accessories?!?  I can’t think of a thing!  We love this black & white cardigan because it’s super soft and has POCKETS!  Add in pops of your favorite color and you’re set for the day with the kids and happy hour with the girls.

All Snuggled Up

Some days you wonder if your classroom can get any colder??  This super soft sweater is the perfect layer for a drafty room.  We love this lotus green color with some black and silver accessories.  These beaded hoop earrings are the ones that came with your tee this month and pretty much go with EVERYTHING! 

Statement earrings are one of my favorite accessories to wear with a super soft graphic tee! Our earrings never last long!  Snag a pair HERE!

To show appreciation for the difference teachers make in our children’s daily lives we created the Framed! Tees 4 Teachers Subscription Box!

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I hope you got a little inspiration from all the graphic tee outfit ideas we have put together. I would love to see your graphic tee style! Share with me on my Facebook Page.

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