Top 22 Items of 2022

Multiple images of Framed by Sarah items in a collage.

We’ve seen trends come and go this past year, with a few that appear to be here to stay! I had so much fun taking a look back at 2022. Join me as I count down the top 22 items of 2022 and plan for what’s coming in 2023.

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What were your favorite items of 2022?

Get ready for this walk down 2022 memory lane – I have a feeling you’ll spot more than a few things you made part of your own wardrobe. And I bet you’ll see some fun things you’ll want to make sure to incorporate into your looks for 2023.

Leopard print Kindness Matters T-shirt Club Tee styled with denim shorts and bright accessories
Kindness Matters Graphic Tee
Grit & Grace Graphic Tee
Grit & Grace Graphic Tee
"bloom bloom bloom" Hot Pink shirt styled with Jeans and yellow sandals

22 – Inspirational Tees

Our T-Shirt Club delivers a new inspirational tee to your door every month to thousands of subscribers, but they are also one of our best-selling items in the shop. 

Our top 3 inspirational tees in 2022 were:

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Monogrammed Studded Tumblers

21 – Tumblers

Tumblers are always the perfect accessory to any look. It’s important to stay hydrated and look good while doing it. 

Now is the perfect time to clean out your tumbler cabinet and grab a few new designs in the new year. Studded tumblers and our Black Leopard tumblers topped the charts this year. I can’t wait to share what we are bringing in for 2023.

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monogrammed Charles River Pullover Rain Jackets on a white background
Monogrammed Pullover Rain Jackets

20 – Monogrammed Rain Jackets and Pullovers

A few times each year we do a massive rain jacket order so you’ll have dozens of colors and sizes to choose from. We monogram them to your selections and send them on their way. 

These rain jackets are a staple piece in any woman’s closet. You’ll be able to use them year after year. I couldn’t resist buying myself another one this year, not because mine wasn’t still good four years later, but because I just wanted another color!

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Gray Take It Easy Super Soft Hoodie on white background styled with jeans
Take It Easy Super Soft Hoodie

19 – Super Soft Hoodies

We are kind of “hoodie spoiled” with these super soft hoodies. Our most popular hoodie of the year was our customizable WORD hoodie. 

Maroon Homebody Hoodie styled with jeans
Homebody Hoodie

In the spirit of the new year, we let you add your word for the new year on a hoodie, and we had almost as much fun making them as you did wearing them!
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Monogrammed Compartment Crossbody bags laid on a white backdrop
Monogrammed Compartment Crossbody

18 – Compartment Crossbody Bags

Not only are these on our list of top items for 2022, but they’ve been on our best-sellers list for YEARS. These classic, roomy crossbody bags won’t fade out with the trends – they are simple and will be stylish for years to come. Compartment Crossbody Bags

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Colorful Guitar Straps displayed in a row and on 3 bags
Guitar Straps

17 – Guitar Straps

We can’t talk about bags without talking about the interchangeable guitar straps that went with them. We sold out of guitar straps this year every time we ordered more!

These colorful straps are a great way to give any bag a fresh new look without replacing the whole thing. Be on the lookout for new patterns, new designs, and lots of new guitar straps in 2023!

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16 – Valentine’s Day Tees

As soon as you put your Christmas wardrobe away, you’re looking for love in your closet. Our Valentine’s collection ranked in the top 3 of all our seasonal tees for the year. 

For 2022, the top Valentine’s Day tees were “All You Need is Love” and “Bleached Leopard Heart.”

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Grid of images displaying all sorts of Valentines merchandise. Pink and red sweatshirts, tshirts, jewelry, and stickers. "New Valentine Collection - Shop NOW"

15 – Smart Touch Gloves

These smart touch gloves are the highest-ranking accessory item on our list from the year. It’s kind of ironic we are in the south and gloves are one of the best-selling items from the entire year. But seriously, these gloves are the best smart touch gloves I’ve ever owned! Grab a pair of Smart Touch Gloves!

14 – 4th of July Tees

Our second most popular holiday tees came from the summer when we dropped our 4th of July t-shirt collection. We gave you 3 different designs on the same tee and let you pick your favorite. We know you love having a choice.

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13 – Mystery Boxes and Bags

Our second most popular holiday tees came from the summer when we dropped our 4th of July t-shirt collection. We gave you 3 different designs on the same tee and let you pick your favorite. We know you love having a choice.

12 – Cardigans

We may not have added these to the shop until fall, but that didn’t stop them from ranking as one of our best products for the entire year!  

The confetti cardigans ranked at the top of the cardigan list, and we are excited to share that we have 2 new cardigans coming soon in gorgeous spring colors!

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cream and green Confetti Cardigans styled with graphic tees
Confetti Cardigans

11 – Game Day Tees

We wanted to go BIG with our Game Day collection this year and that meant letting you customize your team name AND your team colors.  

We had so much fun creating the perfect tees for your favorite high school and college teams and sports. Stay tuned for more from our Game Day efforts in 2023.

T-Shirt Bundle

10 – Fall T-Shirt Bundle

After supply chain issues caused us to over-order for most of 2021, we ended up with some excess inventory. The solution? We decided to put together some t-shirt bundles that created a ton of value for our customers.  

Our Fall T-shirt bundle came with 2 of our past t-shirt club tees and a matching accessory. It was a HUGE hit!! You will be seeing more bundles throughout 2023.
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Leopard Pullovers with Monograms
Leopard Pullovers with Monograms

9 – Monogrammed Leopard Pullovers

Whether in black or gold, these gorgeous leopard pullovers sold consistently week after week and have not stopped. We laugh about it sometimes, but the leopard trend that came to stay many years ago is not going anywhere. And we’re here for it! 

2022 Love Wins Chenille Patch Sweatshirt

8 – Chenille Patch Sweatshirts

We saw chenille patches this year on EVERYTHING! Sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, zipper pouches, hats….the list goes on. 

Our January 2022 Monogram Box featured this custom Love Wins patch sweatshirt. Not only did all our subscribers get one, but we sold out of all the extras really quickly. 

These fun, super cute patches are still a big trend for 2023 – be on the lookout for a new chenille patch sweatshirt in one of your upcoming Monogram Boxes.

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7 – Mom/Grandma Customized Tees

Mom, Mama, Mimi, Nana, Grammy, and more. For the first time, we offered custom tees on which you could personalize what you call your Mom or Grandma and our customers LOVED them! We will be bringing these back this year in a brand new way!

christmas tee collage
Christmas Tees

6 – Christmas Tees

We sold more Christmas tees than any other season throughout the year. A lot of you are like me and like to make sure you have enough Christmas tees to carry you through the season!  

The top 3 Christmas tees this year were:

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Bleached Sweatshirts

5 – Bleached Sweatshirts

Even though we’re in Texas and it’s warm 9 months out of the year, sweatshirts remained our top seller from September through March.  Three of the top 5 sweatshirts were our bleached sweatshirts. Since everyone loved them so much, we’ll have to see some new ones in our 2023 lineup. Shop Sweatshirts

Tall Wall Calendar
Tall Wall Calendar

4 – Tall Wall Calendars

We sold hundreds and hundreds of this custom tall wall calendar this year. I designed it to be dateless with a soft color palette so you could use it any year you wanted to. I simply add dates with a sharpie and use 1×2 post-it notes to plan out my year.

Tall Wall Calendars

3 – Holiday Gift Boxes

We offer one-time gift boxes twice a year – Mother’s Day and Christmas. Hands down these boxes sell more than anything else we do all year long. We curate them carefully and get so excited to see just how much y’all LOVE them!

All about Monograms BLOG

2 – Monograms!

Of course, the best-selling item of the year after subscriptions was adding personalization to your items. This just confirms all the hard work we do to personalize each item is worth it!

We can’t wait to put your monograms on even more items in 2023!

1 – Subscriptions

The Monogram Box, our T-shirt Club, and Tees 4 Teachers topped the charts every month in 2022 just like they have every year since we started it. It’s impossible to pick a favorite from the year, but we are so excited to continue to surprise and delight our subscribers in 2023.

T-shirt Club in 2022
2022 Monogram Box Collage
The Monogram Box in 2022
Tees 4 Teachers in 2022

Thank you for being part of the Framed family in 2022 and we look forward to continuing to bring you new favorites in 2023!

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