Travel Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip

Take the stress out of packing for your next trip with this list of travel essentials.

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I LOVE to travel. I travel often for work and travel as much as I can for fun. Whether it’s a business trip with other entrepreneurs, a girls’ trip to the beach with my best friends, or an adventure with my two teenagers, I’m up for it. 

Travel, whether for business or fun, can be stressful. Missed flights, lost luggage, ripped jeans from leaping over a runaway suitcase (yes, that actually happened to me), there are a lot of things that can get in the way of a relaxing travel experience. But, not packing the essentials doesn’t have to be one of those things. 

I’m here to help with a collection of travel essentials to take the guesswork out of packing for your next adventure.

Don’t Forget to Pack These for Your Next Trip 

You’ll be prepared for just about anything – and looking good no matter what – if you pack these essential items. 

3 piece packing cube set Open full of items. Navy with white polka dots.

Carry-Ons, Bags, Totes, and more

Successful packing starts with the right bags! The right bag is roomy enough to fit everything without being bulky or difficult to carry. For me, the best bag looks good, too! 

Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a weekend getaway, or a cross-country flight, we have the perfect bags for packing all your must-haves. 

Gray quilted duffle bad with a teal "Getaway" on the front. Clear and gray "bling" cosmetic bag
Olive Green Backpack with peach monogram on the top flap

Getaway Travel Bag Bundle

Olive Green Monogrammed Backpack 

Carry-on Hardside Suitcase with Spinner Wheels in a unique color

black, aqua, and green striped tote with a tassel and the word Beach on the front
3 piece packing cube set. Navy with white polka dots. The largest monogrammed with a B
pale blue and white polka dot luggage tags with "lets go" on the front

Woven “Beach” Tote

Set of Three Packing Cubes

Let’s Go Luggage Tag

Cosmetic and Accessory Bags

Keeping all the things organized inside your suitcase or carry on bag means having the right bags for your makeup and all of your accessories. 

4 leopard print and clear travel bags displayed on a white background. The largest clear bag has a round "CSL" monogram on the front in teal

I like to have choices when I travel. That means bringing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to add that special something to an outfit. These bags are perfect for keeping my jewelry and my makeup organized and safe from being damaged. 

4 Piece Leopard Travel Cosmetic Set

Sparkle Chenille Patch Accessory Bags

Rectangle Jewelry Case

Neoprene Double Cosmetic Bags

Fun in the Sun 

My favorite vacations always include the beach. And whenever I can manage it, my business trips include the beach, too! That means spending time in the sun and in the water. 

A trip that includes beach or pool time has its own essentials. Whether it’s staying hydrated, recovering from a little too much sun, or looking your best, check out some of our favorite ways to get the most out of your time in the sun. 

turquoise 40 oz tumbler with handle and straw - monogrammed with red lettering
Navy blue water bottle and a paper of stickers.

Turquoise 40 oz Matte Tumbler with Handle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Pink Aviator Sunglasses with Sleeve

Set of 3 Sunburnt Masks

Sun-Burnt Ultra-Hydrating Face Mask June 2022 Monogram Box
navy blue tak top that says "spread sunshine not shade" styled with white jeans and sandals
island printed floral kimono styled with a hot pink "bloom, bloom, bloom" shirt on a mannequin in a boutique

Monogrammed Swim Set Bundle 

Spread Sunshine Graphic Tank

Island Floral Printed Kimono 

Gray Cozy Star Robe

Take Along Tech 

Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized you forgot your phone charger? Right around the time your phone is about to go dead. 

Packing for a trip of any length means bringing along tech. From chargers to earbuds to portable speakers – you need all of it. And for those lazy days by the beach, you’ll need an e-reader to dive into a juicy romance (not me) or the latest biz book (that’s me). 

Compact Travel Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

TOZO Wireless Earbuds

Kindle Paperwhite

Sarah relaxing at the beach

Taking trips, exploring new places, and having adventures with family and friends. I’m up for all of it! A trip doesn’t have to mean two weeks on a cruise or traveling across the country. It can be a quick weekend away with your best friends or a romantic getaway with your spouse. It can even be a spontaneous day trip with your kids – or by yourself! Whatever travel feeds your soul and your spirit – that’s the trip you need to take. 

When you’re planning your next trip, make sure to take along these travel essentials – you’ll be glad you did! 

Safe and happy travels! 

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