Winter to Spring – February Monogram Box Reveal

February is a transition month, or at least I like to think it is!  We start transitioning our wardrobe from Winter to Spring, even though it’s still cold outside, February has us dreaming about Spring weather and all the fun activities to look forward to.

This month, I brought you neutrals that will help with this transition and a bold pop of color to get you in the mood for Spring!

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Carry it ALL Tote

I love a big tote to hold all the things.  I want a bag I can throw my wallet, snacks, a journal, and even an extra t-shirt, just in case!

I call it my “Mom Tote” but it’s so stylish, nobody would know all the ridiculous things I have In it.

We added a gorgeous classic black monogram on it, just for you!

Bangle Wallet & Hair Tie

When you carry a large tote, you don’t always want to drag it into the store when you are running in for a few things.  

Just grab your bangle wallet out of it, throw it on your wrist and run your errands without the bulk!

I am usually rocking a messy bun while running errands, so I’ve added this cute jeweled hair tie to make you feel put together, even when you aren’t!

Jewelry Round

I love this little zipper round!  It is made for jewelry.  It has tiny little side pockets to slip your earrings or necklaces in and a wide open space in the middle for bigger pieces.

There are actually SO many uses for this little pouch.  Subscribers are using it for cords.  You know, all those charging cables you tote from place to place?? Bundle them up, but them in here and drop it in your big tote!

Inspirational Print

“Beautiful things are NEVER perfect.”

Think about it…. The most beautiful Picasso painting isn’t perfect.  Gorgeous landmarks aren’t perfect.  Movie stars all have their flaws. 

Why do we think we have to be perfect to be beautiful?  We don’t.

T-shirt club

This gorgeous neutral box needed a pop of bold color, and there was no better way than to add this heathered magenta tee to the mix.

We took the message from the print and made it wearable.  It’s been a subscriber favorite for sure!

Check out all the ways you can style the February T-Shirt!

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