5 Finds To Help You Beat The Heat This Summer

Guess what everybody’s talking about these days? 

Yep. The weather. 

Y’all, it’s hot. Like 100 degrees or more every day for the last I don’t even know how many days. And the forecast? More hot days coming.

And yes, it’s summer. And yes, I live in Texas. But still, I’m suffering from serious heat and humidity fatigue. 

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this. It’s probably really hot where you live, too. So I’m sharing some of my favorite finds to help us all stay cool and beat the heat this summer. 

Remember, we’re all in this together. 

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Light-colored tees

Staying cool starts with choosing a cotton, light-colored t-shirt or tank. A breathable fabric is a must and lighter colors absorb less of the sun’s heat. 

Not only will our light-colored tees keep you feeling cool and comfortable, they’ll also keep you looking cute and on trend. Pair any of our tees with your favorite jean shorts or the soft terry shorts all the girls at the Warehouse and I are obsessed with! 

Sunshine State of Mind Tee

It’s a Good Day Graphic Tee

Living My Best Life Graphic Tee

Soft Terry Drawstring Shorts

All the tumblers

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated, especially on these hot, hot days of summer. Staying hydrated is important all year long, but it can be dangerous to forget to drink enough water when the weather gets really hot. 

Having a collection of adorable tumblers that keep your drinks cold makes it easier to remember to get enough fluids during the day. Water, iced coffee, iced tea, soda, or something a little more fun – our tumblers keep it all cold and refreshing! 

Take one with you whether you’re out and about, at the beach, or sitting by the pool. 

Scout + Swig 32 oz. Printed Stainless Steel Tumbler – Swim School

Swig 32 oz. Printed Stainless Steel Tumbler – Sand Art

Swig 22 oz. Printed Stainless Steel Tumbler – Color Swirl Print

Swig 32 oz. Printed Stainless Steel Tumbler – Island Breeze

Swim coverups

I’ve been spending a lot of time in or around my backyard pool lately. 

Early in the morning before my two teenagers are awake, it’s a peaceful spot for a cup of coffee. Later in the day, it’s the perfect spot to cool off and have some fun. 

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect coverup, something to throw on over my bathing suit when I’m lounging by the pool or running in and out of the house getting snacks for those same teenagers. 

We have the cutest new coverups in the shop. You’ll stay cool, stay covered, and look super cute doing it! My biggest problem is deciding which one is my favorite! 

Safari Party Pom-Pom Coverup

Yacht Club Pom-Pom Coverup

Frond of Mine Pom-Pom Coverup

Pink and White Stripe Wristlet (wet/dry bag)

Kimonos at the office

For most of us, summer doesn’t mean a break from work. So how can you look professional and stylish while staying cool? 

Kimonos are the answer! 

They’re lightweight, they’re gorgeous, and they go with everything. Whether you’re feeling basic black, navy-and-white stripe, floral, or something a little sassy (like snakeskin), we’ve got you covered! 

Black Kimono

Navy Stripe Kimono

Emerald & Taupe Snakeskin Kimono with Tassels

Black & Burgundy Floral Kimono with Tassels

Hats to keep you cool

Don’t forget accessories when it comes to fighting the heat. I know getting my hair up and off my neck makes a HUGE difference in how hot I feel. 

Don’t forget accessories when it comes to fighting the heat. I know getting my hair up and off my neck makes a HUGE difference in how hot I feel. 

Hats are the answer! Hats also offer sun protection – the right hat protects your hair and your face. And we’re all about making sure those hats are cute. Our trucker hats are the perfect way to stay cool, keep your hair under control, and look great doing it!

Speaking of sun protection, don’t forget to protect your eyes with a pair of our super cute, on-trend sunglasses. 

Square Sunglasses with Case

Pink Aviator Sunglasses with Sleeve

Follow Your Arrow Trucker Hats

Good Days Ahead Trucker Hats

Monogrammable Trucker Hats

Even when days are hot and humid, summer is filled with fun, family, and friends. Remember to celebrate all there is to love about summer!

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