60-Minute Closet Clean Out

60 Minute Closet Clean Out

Twice a year I do my 60-minute closet clean out method as the seasons are changing.  It helps me purge the old and make room for some fun new pieces. 

Do you feel like your closet is bursting at the seams?!?  Or maybe it just looks like a bomb went off because you don’t have anywhere to put anything. The thought of spending your Saturday cleaning your closet makes you want to find any and everything else to do, but clean that closet, am I right?!?

By using my quick closet clean out method, you know that in 60 minutes you will have a clean closet and it didn’t take over your weekend.

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Keep Your Closet Clean Out on track with a timer and music

You need some fun music and a timer.  Both of these things are important.  When listening to your favorite music, it helps pump you up and move faster.  

I use a timer for several reasons.  How many times have you started to clean your closet, you start trying stuff on, or come across that favorite sweatshirt from High School and now you suddenly have to call your bestie?!?  *Squirrel* 

We have to stay focused ladies…and the timer will help keep you on task and keep this chore to 60 minutes or less.

Tackle those shirts!

The first 20 minutes in my closet clean-out is designated for your shirts.  This is the biggest area for me so I like to tackle it right away.

Set your timer for 20 minutes.  This is rapid-fire decision making…keep, donate, toss. (If you would like to sell some items you can make a pile for that too.)

We don’t have time to put too much thought into these decisions.  I start from the back…that’s where the oldest stuff is and I will be able to clear some room instantly.

Keep, Donate, Toss.

Donate items that are in good shape, and toss the ones that have stains, holes, rips, or really worn. I paint a lot and some of my wardrobe has paint on it…It’s time to let those go..they just take up closet space and then I get mad when I want to wear that shirt and I can’t because of the paint.  Always save one or two for when you are working on a dirty project! 

How about those little fuzzy balls on one of your favorite pieces.  Yep, gotta toss that!  You’ve worn it out.  It’s time to let it go and focus your attention on some of your other items that haven’t seen as much love.

15 minutes into my rapid-fire exercise I was finished with my shirts.  I spent the next 5 minutes sorting inside the closet.

I wear T-shirts the most, so those went upfront.  I grouped my seasonal tees together by holiday and then sorted from dress tops to long sleeves to layering pieces.  Everything feels less cramped and more organized after only 20 minutes.

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah
60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah

Check out this pile of “donate” shirts I cleared out of there.  Let’s talk about this for a minute.

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah

Yes, there are some great shirts in this pile, but be honest with yourself… When’s the last time you wore that?  Will you wear it in the next 3 months?  I know I will be buying new tops in the next 3 months, so I have to decide if I want to hang onto the old stuff or open my closet for some fun new pieces.

I never feel guilty about donating good items.  I actually hope they find a good new home!

No Second-Guessing

I pay my daughter to fold all the donated items and pack them into bags, so I don’t get held-up (distracted and second-guessing) in that step and can keep moving.  Plus, now she can buy that really cool app she’s been begging me for!

My toss pile is much smaller.  I don’t want to just throw stained tees away…I like to cut them up and make cleaning rags out of them.

They are perfect for those jobs where you know you will use and toss.  I have a little basket of cut of t-shirt rags in my laundry room for when we are working on a tough cleaning job!

Take on the pants

Next up….15 minutes for pants/shorts.  We are using the same concept here.  Set your timer and making rapid-fire decisions on keep, donate, toss.

For pants, think about the style and fit.  Are they wide leg or skinny leg jeans?  Do you prefer one over the other?  Start in the back…that’s where the oldest pairs get shoved.  Pull out the ones you haven’t worn in at least a year.

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah

I fluctuate sizes every few years.  Up a size, down a size.  So right now I am in the “up” size, lol…but don’t want to get rid of the size smaller.  I am hoping I will need those again soon.  I will add a plastic bin to the top of my closet for the smaller size until I am ready for them again!

I’ve organized them by pajama pants, leggings, and then jeans, and finally, dress pants.

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah


Next, we have 10 minutes for outerwear.  This includes jackets, hoodies, cardigans, etc.  It’s important to purge here as well.

These items are bulky and can really take up space.  Think about the last time you wore these pieces.  If it’s been longer than 2 years, it’s time to go!  Bye, Felicia!!

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah

Shoes and Accessories

Last but not least, we have 10 minutes for shoes and accessories.  Focus on your shoes, they take up the most space.  I purged old shoes, most of them were “throwaways,” they have been used until the soles fall apart! 

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah Shoe bin storage

I pulled my Fall shoes forward and up onto my small dresser so I can see them easier and tucked my summer shoes in a large canvas bin to keep them out of the way until I am ready for them again.

Clean Up

The final 5 minutes in this 60-minute closet clean out are for clean up!  You made it!!  It was fast and furious.  Go back and organize anything you didn’t have time for during our rapid-fire purge.

60 Minute Closet Clean Out Framed by Sarah

You might have piles of clothes laying there to take care of.  It actually took me another 30 minutes to pack all of that for Goodwill, but it feels so good to have a fresh start on my closet again.

I will never feel guilty about shopping.  It’s something I do with my family and friends and it’s something just for ME.  I just have to purge a little more often!!

I have a spot picked out for some new fall and winter items, time to go shopping!!

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