T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

Not too long ago, I was inspired by all the amazing educators I have been lucky enough to know as my subscribers. I knew I needed to create something special just for them! Now we are not even a year into my T-shirt subscription for teachers, and I can’t believe what it has become. Here is a little behind the scenes look into Tees 4 Teachers.

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My Inspiration to create a t-shirt subscription for teachers

Earlier this year, I was 9 months into my newest subscription box, the Framed! T-shirt Club.  It was growing and growing and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  But, I saw something happening behind the scenes…

I had a lot of Teachers that were subscribers.  Some of them said, I love the inspirational tees because I get to wear them to school.  But I was thinking, how could I ensure EVERY tee could be worn to school??

Teachers in Tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

I had another group of Teachers at a nearby school, West Foundation Elementary, that were declaring a Framed! T-Shirt Day and wearing their matching shirts on certain days together.  I loved it!!  They would take a group picture and send it to me every month.  Their little group began to grow and grow.

So, it got me thinking.  What if I created something special just for them.  I could create exclusive designs that were focused on Teachers and inspirational messages for the kids in their classrooms.

Stack of tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

The ‘Tees 4 Teachers’ subscription was born!  A monthly t-shirt, designed by me and created with Teachers in mind.  We immediately had lots of educators join, and it’s been growing ever since.

Teach Design T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

Creating Custom T-Shirt Designs for Teachers

The design process is my favorite.  I watch trends, think about what season we are in, what teachers are thinking and feeling in each month, and create something special and relevant just for them.

Inspire T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

I use a program called Procreate on my ipad to draw out my ideas.  I transfer them to Photoshop and send it to print!  I love choosing the shirts and the ink colors every month.

Teachers Printing Tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers
Printing Tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

Teacher Appreciation!

I love teachers.  My kids have been fortunate enough to be taught by some of the most caring teachers there are.  It’s a job I could never do, but appreciate every single day.  This subscription is really special to me, because while I am not a teacher, I have many teachers friends and a few in my family, including my sister.   

Another fun fact is ALL of our tees are printed in a print shop with employees that have over 100 years of teacher experience, both active and retired.  For teachers, made by teachers.

Have you heard about the Ultimate Back To School Teacher Giveaway?! If you are a teacher or know a teacher, enter to win a 3 month Subscription to Tees 4 Teachers!!

I’d love to have you as a subscriber in our Tees 4 Teachers subscription.  We have tons of fun and you truly feel like you are part of something special!

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