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Discover the story behind our teacher t-shirt subscription and why so many teachers love getting our tees every month.

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I’m so inspired by teachers. They give so much of themselves to their students every day. I have never taught – I don’t have that special something you need to be a good teacher – but I’ve been touched by a LOT of teachers in my life as a student and as a mom. 

The admiration I feel for teachers led me to want to do something special for them. A few years ago, I started a second t-shirt subscription, this one just for teachers. It has been so fun watching this “little” subscription grow and grow. 

Will Teach for Tacos Tshirt Styled with Leopard Skirt - Teacher Style Guide

As we start thinking about a new school year – the last one before college for my soon-to-be senior in high school son (gulp) – I thought it would be fun to give you a behind the scenes look at our Tees 4 Teachers subscription.

Inspired to Create A T-Shirt Subscription For Teachers

I was nine months into my first t-shirt subscription, the Framed! T-shirt Club – and so excited to watch it continue to grow and grow – when I started to notice something interesting going on.  

A LOT of my T-Shirt Club subscribers were teachers. And so many of them told me how much they loved wearing my inspirational tees to school. They wore them on casual Fridays. They dressed them up with jackets or skirts and cute ballet slippers. They LOVED knowing they had something cute to wear that looked good and felt good.

Teachers in Tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

A group of my subscribers taught at a nearby school, West Foundation Elementary. They declared certain days Framed! T-Shirt Days and all wore their matching shirts. So fun!!! Every month they took a group picture together and sent it to me. Through those pictures, I watched their little group begin to grow and grow.

All of these teachers who were such big fans of my t-shirt designs got me thinking. 

What if I created something special just for them? What if I created exclusive designs focused on teachers? Tees that celebrated and inspired them and their students?

bone colored tshirt with a black rainbow and the words "difference Maker" styled with black joggers and ballet flats - Teacher Style Guide - T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

So the Tees 4 Teachers subscription was born! A monthly t-shirt, designed by me and created with teachers in mind. It was an immediate hit with educators and it has been growing ever since.

Creating Custom T-Shirt Designs For Teachers

The design process is my favorite part of our teacher tee subscription. I watch trends, think about what season we are in, what teachers are thinking and feeling each month, and design something special and relevant just for them. I love choosing the shirts and the ink colors every month.

Inspire T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

I use a program called Procreate on my iPad to turn my ideas into an actual design. Then I transfer the design to Photoshop and send it to print. Color, theme, design – it all comes together to create a custom design my teacher tee subscribers will love.

Teach Design T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

Our teacher tees are super soft and comfortable featuring designs that work with any teacher’s style. Our teacher tee subscribers are confident knowing they’ll look and feel good heading into the classroom in one of our designs.

Teacher Appreciation!

My kids have been fortunate enough to be taught by some of the most caring teachers there are. I see through them just how important a teacher can be to a student.

This subscription is special to me because while I am not a teacher, I have many friends and family members who are, including my sister.   

I may not be a teacher, but there are plenty of teachers who are part of our Tees 4 Teachers subscription. In fact, ALL of our tees are printed in a print shop with employees with more than 100 years of combined teacher experience, both active and retired. Tees 4 Teachers is a t-shirt subscription for teachers, made by teachers.

Teachers Printing Tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers
Printing Tees T-Shirt Subscription for Teachers

I’d love to have you as a Tees 4 Teachers subscriber! You’ll get a cute, comfy t-shirt designed just for teachers… every month! On-trend and full of inspiration, our tees make it easy for you to feel good and look good! 

Join Tees for Teachers today and never miss out on one of our cute tees again.

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