Monogram Box Greatest Hits • Subscriber Favorites

Wondering what it’s like to be a Monogram Box subscriber? We share some of our subscribers’ all-time favorite boxes! 

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My business has always been about making women feel special. I started my business to fill a gap in my local community. As it changed and grew to meet the needs of my customers, my loyal customer base grew, too. And as I got to know my customers better, I knew I wanted to do something special for them. That something special became The Monogram Box™

When it was just my brick-and-mortar store, I knew all of my customers. They’d come in and see what new products I had or what projects I was working on. I’d ask them about their kids and what was new with them as I helped them shop for themselves and for gifts for their families and friends. Over time, I built relationships with my customers, many of whom came in at least once a month.

It was those regular customers who got me started thinking about a subscription box. I knew I wanted to create something special for them. Something that was exclusive to them, that they had first dibs on. I wanted them to feel like the true VIP customers of my business. I knew my subscription box would feature never before seen items, exclusively for my best regular customers. 

It’s been more than six years since The Monogram Box™ debuted. Six years of curating outstanding experiences for our subscribers. I no longer know all of my subscribers – my turquoise boxes are delivered to thousands of women all over the country. What hasn’t changed is the care and love that goes into every box. After all, my goal with The Monogram Box™ is to make women feel special, appreciated, and celebrated. 

Wondering what it’s like to be a Monogram Box subscriber? Check out some of our subscribers’ all-time favorite boxes!

Subscriber Favorites! 

We put so much thought into curating each and every box. And subscribers love them all. But some boxes become true subscriber favorites!

Check out some of the biggest hits of the past few years.

Patriotic Summer Subscription Box Framed Monogram Box

June 2020 – Lovin’ the Red, White & Blue!  

Our subscribers love a good holiday-themed box! These coolers were a hit and this color palette had them ready to celebrate. These boxes brought so much joy to our subscribers during a challenging time.

limited edition Kate Spade Monogram Box!

August 2020 – First Ever Kate Spade Collab! 

This box was our first collaboration with Kate Spade and our subscribers LOVED it! They also loved the extra-fancy box we used that month. This box was just the beginning of our relationship with Kate Spade – we love featuring their items in a box every year.

April 2021 – Go Big Print or Go Home! 

Monogram Box™ subscribers LOVED this bright, fun print and we still have subscribers sharing pics of them using this bag. This color palette was definitely a fan favorite.

July 2021 Monogram Box Kate Spade 2021

July 2021 – Collab with Kate Spade & The Great FedEx Debacle

This was the box turned into an adventure! When our FedEx driver left the back door of his truck open as he left the warehouse, some of our beautiful Framed boxes ended up strewn across a major road. Some were stolen and some got run over. 

It was something we never imagined would happen but we were thankful for subscribers who gave us a lot of grace when we needed to replace the boxes that were damaged. It really showed us just how wonderful the people are that we get to love on each month with our boxes!

Falling in Love with Fall - September Monogram Box Reveal

September 2021 – Lovin’ Some Leopard!

This bag was exclusively designed for our subscribers. In case you’re new around here, it’s important to know that our people LOVE some leopard. And they LOVED this bag. We still see customers coming into the warehouse carrying it.

Be Merry December 2021 Monogram Box

November 2021 – Happy Holidays! 

This was another well-loved holiday-themed box. I had this chenille patch designed just for our subscribers and it was a huge hit. Our subscribers LOVE sweatshirts and blankets. We also did a fun play on words with the “Santa I was Framed!” ornament. It was just too perfect!

December 2021 – Not So Basic Black!  

This little black crossbody was another exclusive design. And another HUGE hit. Our subscribers loved it for holiday get-togethers and New Years Eve parties. Oh, and the cup – our subscribers love a good cup – especially when it comes with a metallic monogram!

box full of pink clutch, monogrammed tote, colorful print, pink coozie, and t-shirtJuly 2022 Monogram Box reveal

July 2022 – Bold, Colorful Florals

This box was a collaboration with Steel Mill, featuring a GORGEOUS canvas reversible tote and matching zipper pouch! We added a Vera Bradley koozie and complemented all this goodness with a great t-shirt design! We contemplated monogramming both sides of the bag, but after doing thousands of them, we decided one side was enough – LOL!

monogrammed leather bag, "thankful" tshirt, snacks, and scarf displayed in teal box_October 2022 Monogram Box_Subscription Box Opening

October 2022 – All the Feels of Fall

Subscribers went wild for this exclusively designed bag & scarf combo. In fact, they loved everything about this box. It was the perfect way for all of us to get ready for fall. We’re so very thankful for all of our subscribers! 

July 2023 Ultimate Monogram Box open with contents displayed. Content include: Leopard backpack with red monogram, red "Fun in the Sun" t-shirt, red hoop earrings, red can coozie, read heart floaty in its packaging.

July 2023 – Havin’ Fun in the Sun!

This was a super special box – it contained one of the first, fully-customized items I designed with our manufacturing partner and our subscribers LOVED it! I chose the pattern, the zippers, the trim, all the things for this bag. And that bag itself is a cooler that just happens to be the perfect size to hold three bottles of wine! We monogrammed the front in red and added accessories to go along with the bag. This box is a true subscriber favorite!

August 2023 Ultimate Monogram Box open with contents displayed. Content include: "Focus on the Good" Maroon Hoodie, All things Fall Maroon tshirt, ivory mug with ABL monogram, taffy, ivory earrings, and fall sticker

September 2023 – Feeling Like Fall

Subscribers always love our fall boxes! This box was all about transitioning from warm to cool. It included a cute and cozy hoodie, a 20 ounce monogrammed tumbler and the most delicious taffy in perfect-for-fall flavors. We paired all this goodness with a gorgeous fall t-shirt perfect for layering under the hoodie or wearing on its own.

March 2024 Monogram contents displayed in an open box. Contents include: Navy graphic tee, Light blue and hot pink graphic tee, colorful leopard print travel bag with hot pink monogram, hot pink drop hoop earrings, small blue box holding 3 silk scrunchies. in shades of pink and red

March 2024 – Time for a Getaway

Our spring break box was a big hit with subscribers who loved the custom-designed toiletry bag as much as we did! I created this bag with our manufacturing partner, paying attention to every detail from the mesh pockets to the way it hangs to the size of the bag – it fits full-sized bottles! The fun colors and of course the leopard print made it extra special. My subscribers and I share a deep love for all things leopard print! Our Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Fearless t-shirt was the perfect addition to remind subscribers just how fabulous they are!

The Monogram Box™ is a gift you give yourself. When our beautiful turquoise box lands on a subscriber’s porch, she knows something special is inside. Something just for her. 

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