‘Pamper Yourself’ April Monogram Box

Pamper Yourself Monogram Subscription Box - Framed by Sarah

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Our April Monogram Box is all about making your mornings a little smoother and taking the time to pamper yourself!

We are all about self-care, and let’s face it, that’s WHY you subscribe to this box, right?!? It’s a gift to yourself every month.  For you and only you. It literally has your initials on it, so it must be for you!! As Women, we do SO much for everyone around us, and I LOVE that you get the Framed! Monogram Box for yourself.  I know you will love this months ‘Pamper Yourself’ Monogram Subscription Box and you totally deserve it!

Pamper Yourself Monogram Subscription Box - Framed by Sarah

Cozy Wrap

This box starts with a SUPER SOFT monogrammed bath wrap.  It has detachable straps, and when I say soft, its SOFT. You will pretty much just want to live in it!  I chose the scalloped circle houndstooth monogram for it, because honestly, its perfect for this. (The wrap retails for $36 + a monogram for $8)

Make-Up Eraser Towel

We’ve paired it with an equally as soft Make Up Eraser towel.  Remove smear-proof, waterproof makeup and mascara with ease. Just wet, erase, and exfoliate!  Each cloth will last a thousand washes and won’t leave behind residue. (This towel retails for $20)  

Check out this quick video on how to use your towel from the founder of Make Up Eraser. Watch HERE.

Pamper Yourself Monogram Subscription Box - Framed by Sarah

Make-Up Brush Set

And what girl doesn’t love make up brushes??  We’ve added this Kylie complexion brush set in to complete your pampering experience.  This 5 piece brush set includes all the tools you need to create a flawless complexion. (This set retails for $25)

Pamper Yourself Monogram Subscription Box - Framed by Sarah

Of course your morning ritual isn’t complete without a little inspiration.  These 2 5×7 black and white prints are a great bathroom size. Add them to the counter or the wall and give yourself a little motivation each morning. (This print set retails for $12)

Don’t have a box?  Download your FREE set of prints HERE.  We will send it directly to your email box. Print a set for yourself and give one to a friend.

Make Today Awesome Free Print - Framed by Sarah
Run the Day Free Print - Framed by Sarah

This ‘Pamper Yourself’ Monogram Subscription Box retails for over $100….but our monthly subscribers got it for only $40.  What are you waiting for?!? Subscribe today and never miss out on a box again!

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