Bring on the Sunshine • June Monogram Box™ Reveal

Monogram Box filled with beach towel, wet/dry bag, face mask, scrunchie set, and tshirt

This month’s monogram box helps you beat the heat on the way to having your best summer ever.

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Summer is here and it’s time to bring on the sunshine and pool time! 

Y’all, we are in the middle of a heat wave here in the south and I know a lot of you all around the country are sweating it out, too! The good news? This month’s Monogram Box ™ is packed full of things to help you beat the heat and have your best summer ever! 

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/not-so-much love relationship with summer. Days spent lounging around the pool, extra time with family and friends, and family vacations – all good. Day after day after day of 100 degree plus temps, managing humidity hair, and feeling sweaty all the time – not so good. ????

This month’s box is filled with things to help you enjoy every part of summer!

Bring on the Sunshine Subscription Box Opening

You’ll feel pampered and prepared for summer days in the sun with this month’s Monogram Box™.

Neutral Leopard Microfiber Beach Towel June 2022 Monogram Box

Neutral Leopard Microfiber Beach Towel

We start off the June box with a neutral leopard microfiber beach towel. These towels pack and travel with ease. They take up minimal space, dry quickly, and are soft to the touch. 

No more lugging bulky towels to the pool or beach! Our main item this month is stylish and functional.

Monogrammed Wet/Dry Bag June 2022 Monogram Box Rzeveal

Monogrammed Wet/Dry Bag

The perfect towel needs the perfect matching bag, am I right? This monogrammed wet/dry bag is exactly that. Use it to keep your dry stuff dry and to contain the wet stuff. 

This bag means no more soggy beach bags (ugh). Fill the wet/dry bag with wet swimsuits, your new leopard microfiber towel, or even all the shells you and the kids collect at the beach. 

I LOVE the dry function of the bag. It’s perfect for snacks. Keeping snacks in a sealed dry spot around the pool or at the beach is important – no one wants soggy snacks! Make this your go-to summer snack bag, no judgment here!

Sun-Burnt Ultra-Hydrating Face Mask June 2022 Monogram Box

Sun-Burnt Ultra-Hydrating Face Mask

I love adding something unique and different to your box. Something you wouldn’t buy for yourself but, if you had it on hand in the right scenario, you’d love it. 

This month, that item is the SunBurnt Ultra-Hydrating Face Mask. It’s specially designed to provide your skin with luxurious recovery from the sun. You’ll love how it cools, soothes, and rehydrates your hot, dry skin when you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun. Listen, we’ve all been there and this mask is here to help!

Scrunchie Set June 2022 Monogram Box

Scrunchie Set!

When I was thinking about what else would complement this box, I knew a scrunchie set was in order. When the weather is hot and sticky, getting my hair up off my neck helps – and when I have something cute to put it up with, even better! Wear one of these on your wrist until it’s time for your hair to go up for the day. 

Each June Monogram Box™ contained one of these four printed scrunchie sets. I love to mix it up a little so you can have something different.

Leopard print Kindness Matters tee shirt and earrings

Monogram Box™ Upgrades

Our Ultimate Box subscribers received all of these goodies and our T-Shirt Club & More subscription. I mean, how could you go wrong with a black leopard tee and spotted earrings? It’s the perfect combination to help you look good while you enjoy your summer.

See all the ways we styled this tee HERE.

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