Say Goodbye to Winter with Hints of Spring • February Box Reveal

February 2022 Monogram Box

It’s almost spring! 

Things are starting to warm up here in Texas. Sure, there will still be a cold day here and there but… I’m starting to feel a hint of spring in the air. 

This month’s box is all about putting away winter and getting ready to welcome spring with pops of color. It’s time to refresh our accessories and get ready for all spring is going to bring our way. 

When I went to market last month, there was a color trend I saw everywhere on everything. And I LOVED it. It’s this beautiful, bold plum color. The kind of color that demands to be noticed and just makes me feel happy.

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Hints of Spring Subscription Box Opening

It wasn’t just the color that had me feeling happy while I planned this box for you. It was everything about it! 

I love options and am so excited to give you a LOT of options inside this month’s box. You know how much I love a great bag and the bag is the star of this month’s box.

February 2022 Monogram Box Bag

Kedzie Nylon Bag

Oh my goodness, y’all – this bag! 

This Kedzie nylon bag comes with its own strap which allows it to be worn five different ways. The bag itself has five different hooks and that is where the magic happens.

How to wear the Kenzie Crossbody Bag - Framed by Sarah Monogram Box Reveal

Sling – wear the bag on your back as a sling bag by hooking the strap to the top-most hook and one of the bottom hooks. 

Across the Front – keep the strap hooked to the top-most hook and a bottom hook to wear it across the front of your body. 

Crossbody – wear the bag as a crossbody by hooking the strap to the two top side hooks. 

How to wear the Kenzie Crossbody Bag - Framed by Sarah Monogram Box Reveal

Shoulder Bag – hook the straps to the two top hooks to wear the bag as a shoulder bag. 

Side Fanny Pack – make the fanny pack fashionable by hooking your monogrammed guitar strap to the top two hooks and cinching it.

Monogrammed Guitar Strap

Life’s about choices and with this monogrammed guitar strap, you have even more ways to wear the Kenzie bag. We monogrammed it to make it special, just for you. 

This strap can be worn and hooked on any of the five rings on the Kedzie bag, allowing you to wear it however it suits you best on any given day.

February 2022 Monogram Box guitar strap
February 2022 Monogram Box wallet

Metallic Foldover Wallet

You know I love metallics and I know you do, too! That’s why I included another adorable accessory from the Kedzie collection. 

This metallic, foldover wallet is the perfect size to fit inside your Kedzie bag and has enough room for your credit cards, ids, cash, and all the things.

8x10 Inspirational Print

We’re bringing a pop of color to your home this month, too with this inspirational print. 

Liven up your spring decor in your office, bedroom, or living room and feel inspired. I feel these words and hope they resonate with you, too. 

Spring is a great time to start something new. I hope you take the time to think, dream, believe, and dare this year!

February 2022 Monogram Box print

Monogram Box Upgrades

How does a double t-shirt of the month sound? This month, all combo and ultimate subscribers got two tees! I decided to gift all of you with the February “Dreamer” tee and a bonus “Grit and Grace” tee. 

If you’re an Ultimate Box Subscriber, you received both tees and these adorable, light, colorful earrings! 

If you are a Monogram box subscriber and want to upgrade, shoot us an email 🙂

February 2022 Monogram Box double tee

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